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    Why Car Washes are Bad for your Car

    More Car Wash bashing, this time from CHEMICAL GUYS
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    Synergy Soutions1

    Is anyone by any chance using Synergy Solutions1 car wash products, particularly their presoak named "Image Plus" on their touchfree units and if so your thoughts.
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    Negative Ad posted by Chemical Guys on Facebook

    New cars are telling owners to NOT take their cars to machine car washes. Machine car washes can cause swirls, scratches, and permanent damage. Always wash your car yourself for best results!!!
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    one look is worth a thousand words

    Always nice to see. Ferrari California
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    2 step high ph presoak

    When applying a 2 step high ph presoak only, the first step ph reading is 12-13 on the test strip, should the second step be the same or lower and what should the reading be??? Can too much high ph result in poor cleaning??
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    Opening day for our double Autec AES 425's

    Finally opened our second site Daytona, consisting of 2 Autec's AES 425 units. loaded with all the bells and whistles. This time around we went with a 40' track in our one bay in order to wash Limo's as well. We would like to take this time to thank Junior from Autec Inc, along with John...
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    Blue Demon Presoak

    Any comments on Blue Demon High Ph presoak made by Stone Soap Co.
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    PS 1 Presoak Cleaner by Stoner

    Has anyone ever used or heard of comments on PS 1 Presoak Cleaner made by Stoner. It's neither a high or low ph. Its PH level is 7.5. They say to apply it at a dilution ratio of 200:1. 2 step process with the same product. Looking at it for a touchfree bay.
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    How often should you grease your dryers?
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    Excellent Customer Service

    I would like to take the time to thank all the tech crew- Dee, Heidi, John, Scott and Mark for all the help and excellent customer service for this year and the previous ones. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL! Jon@ Lakeshore Car Wash-Canada
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    Dema Carwash Chemical Delivery

    Is anyone using or heard of The New DEMA Chemical Delivery System For In-Bay Automatic Carwashes?and what is the cost per port?
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    Dosatron with 511 Hydrominder Setup

    Does anyone know what tip should be used in the 511 hydrominder and then what should be set at the dosatron to get 1/2 oz. on a vehicle. Just switched over to JBS Action Dry. Lets say you use a purple tip on the 511 hydrominder, what do you set the dosatron at 1:200 1:128??? in order to get...
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    JBS Presoaks

    If you have tried JBS Industries products, we are looking for a kickass High PH presoak (1 step only) and which one do you recommend. Has anyone tried their new Storm Hyper? Which one is their most effective product?
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    Site location

    Does anyone know where this car wash is located?
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    Making your customers HAPPY

    During these tough economic times, I have found a sure way to make our customers happy. With each purchase of the top wash ($12.00) in our case, we give them a chance to become a multiple milllionaire, by giving them a free lottery ticket. Our cost $2.00 If anyone ever wins, it would be...
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    2 step high ph, WOW!!!!!

    After 2 years, I finally experimented with a 2 step high ph presoak and the results are incredible. And here I thought all this time that, low ph is used to clean windows and chrome, ya right. With the 2 step high ph everything comes out clean and shiny. I guess it doesn't hurt to experiment...