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  1. Rfreeman

    Schedule 80 pipe and brass fittings

    Hey guys making foamers for my remodel and copying what I have at my other wash. I believe these came from Coleman. Question....was going to use schedule 80 pipe with brass fittings. Do you guys think I can rely on the fittings to "self tap" into the ID of the pipe? The "experts" at Home Depot...
  2. Rfreeman

    Barstock Fittings & Max Operating Pressures

    Hey guys I am in the process of a complete remodel at a 6 bay SS wash I recently purchased. I am redoing the low pressure (LP) and high pressure (HP) lines and in assembling the manifolds for the LP and HP functions I noticed on KleenRite's site some of the barstock fittings have a max...
  3. Rfreeman

    CAT 620 Pumps

    Remodeling a wash and removed these pumps if anyone out there needs a spare or parts make me an offer. Working good when removed just wanted something newer. It will be just the pumps all regulators fittings and hoses will be removed Ralph 817.937.0409
  4. Rfreeman

    Ryko LCD display won't light up

    Hey guys I have a 5 brush SoftGloss Maxx and while sitting idle early morning yesterday I notice the blue "ready" light stopped blinking. When I got to the wash to check the LCD display won't light up. Has this happened to anyone before? I'm thinking it has to be a breaker, fuse, loose wire...
  5. Rfreeman

    Sand/Media blasting brick walls

    Just wondering has anyone ever tried sand/media blasting old (20+ years) bay walls to get them clean? My guys and I are cleaning up the most recent purchase and we are using straight acid and HP water cannon (3500 PSI) to clean the brick and it's doing the job BUT my guys seem to think we could...
  6. Rfreeman

    CAT 5CP No Pressure

    Hey guys need some help... lost a cat pump and can't figure it out. I've already replaced seal kit and both high and low pressure seals and still nothing. Here is a video at the pump in the bay water comes out like low pressure but then spikes to normal quickly but back down. Any ideas what I...
  7. Rfreeman

    6+ Bay Pump Stand Needed for Remodel

    Hey guys I have my next project under contract and will be needing at least a 6 bay pump stand. The car wash is a 6 self serve wash so if someone has 6, 7, 8 or more let me know I can cut it down to the 6 bays that I need. Ideally I want all the modern functions: Tire Cleaner PreSoak Foam...
  8. Rfreeman

    Tubular Locks For JC Vac Doors

    Does anyone know where I can get copies of tubular lock keys? I have JC vacs and I need to get copies of the keys to open the vac door. I have the key# I just need to know where to order them. On the key its says "Chicago Lock Co." ACE when I Google search this it refers me to a company...
  9. Rfreeman

    JC Shampoo/Vac No Foam

    I have a JC shampoo/vac combo unit that won't foam. At first I thought my guys didn't dilute it right so we drained it and refilled but still the same consistency....runny. Also does anyone know a good way to clean the reservoir?
  10. Rfreeman

    Alternative use for self storage building

    Hey guys I know this might not be the right area to post this considering there is section dedicated to self storage but I think there are more looks here vs. there; so hopefully this wont' get deleted by the forces that be lol Anyway I have 18 self storage units at one site that get no use...
  11. Rfreeman

    Which SS Bay Guns do you use?

    Hey guys so I want to hear from everyone to see if I can fix an issue I have at one of my washes. The problem: Customers are always breaking my guns either from the outlet fitting inside the gun or from the breakaway fitting installed in between the outlet fitting and the lance wand designed...
  12. Rfreeman

    Softgloss Front Gear Box Failure

    Hey guys I have a Softgloss Maxx and this is going to be the second gear box flange that I have to replace in a matter of 2 months. The first time I replaced the whole gearbox/flange and the second time I just replaced the flange since the gear box is in good working condition. Seems to be a...
  13. Rfreeman

    Tire Cleaner Delivery Time to Bays

    I know this subject has been touch on before in previous threads but I couldn't find the post that touched on it with Coleman Super Saver therefore I'm asking for your advice guys or direction to the the post that covers it. I have Coleman pump stands at both locations so I have this problem at...
  14. Rfreeman

    Coinless App....thoughts

    Hey guys how many of you have seen or installed Coinless App at your car wash? My rep sent me the info from the last car was show and from what I can tell it seems pretty of all cheaper (equipment cost and processing fees) vs. CryptoPay or so I have been told. I don't have it...
  15. Rfreeman

    Major Safe - Removable Dial Help

    I know this is a long shot but I thought I would ask everyone here. So I lost my removable dial for my in bay safe vaults. The brand is Major which was bought by Star Safes that was later purchased by American Security. I already checked with American Security and they don't sell this dial...
  16. Rfreeman

    Jim Coleman Combo Unit Hose Issue

    Does anyone know if Coleman or some other manufacturer makes a fragrance/shampoo hose that swivels at the handle? Or has anyone installed a swivel on these? I just installed a fragrance combo and shampoo combo at the wash and I noticed right away the customers are "battling" with the hose...
  17. Rfreeman

    Shampoo/Vac Help Needed

    Hey guys I just bought some coleman combos that I am rehabbing and I am having the hardest time with this Shampoo/Vac Upon turning on the breaker the 1034R timer displays the following: Wait Flashes 1:00 (motors fire up for 1 sec then shut off) R2.54 SVAC this cycle keeps on...
  18. Rfreeman

    Coleman Shampoo/Vac & Frag/Vac parts pricing help!

    Hey guys looking for some help to save some dollars here. I have a refurb project going on some JC combo units to put at the wash and just got the pricing back from Coleman and yikes!.....$93 for just a dome! Anyone tried painting the vac domes and if so what paint did you use? Any tips or...
  19. Rfreeman

    Vac Break-In Any Ideas

    Hey guys I need some help here on some ideas to prevent Vac Break-Ins. Recently, I have been hit 3 times the past 6 weeks by the same guy. The first time they brought a car but they noticed the cameras so now they are walking up. I have Jim Coleman 93000 Super Vacs with 24040 Coin Vaults...