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  1. Eric H

    Possible setup to use multiple tips on 1 Hydrominder?

    I have some dual tip eductor kits for mixing 2 different chemicals. i don't see why it wouldn't work for your application. They are simply a street tee and 2 elbows that each have a 1/4" shut off valve and then the tip holder. You'll probably have to make your own. The last time I tried to...
  2. Eric H

    Dumpster odor

    I was thinking about using granular chlorine instead of the tablets. Just cast a 1/2 up across the bottom.
  3. Eric H

    The Walking Dead fans will appreciate this

    i have to file this idea away. I pay $20 a night ($600/month) for a security company to close the gates at 1 wash. I've been fighting a late night loitering/partying problem at this location for 20 years. After trying to get the police to do something about it was this fight at another wash...
  4. Eric H

    history of vending machines

    Sorry, wrong link. it's fixed now
  5. Eric H

    history of vending machines

    I'm a big fan of The History Guy on Youtube. He has a video on the history of vending machines that I thought some of you would enjoy.
  6. Eric H

    CryptoPay credit cards accepted

    I have a bunch of new vacuums on order thatwill have CryptoPay. I need to order some banners and decals to help advertise the new CC acceptance. What credit card types are you accepting? I assume Visa, MasterCard and Discover but are you accepting American Express? Any others that I’ve missed?
  7. Eric H

    New to forum & looking to start a self service wash

    I would add: it's 90% menial demoralizing work cleaning up after moronic slobs and 10% highly specialized knowledge to repair equipment. Most of my plumber friend wouldn't be able to repair carwash equipment. My electrician friends could get it done but most would struggle the entire time...
  8. Eric H

    Removing Asphalt Sealcoating

    Kerosene works too. Like Randy I also had a chronic sealcoating washer issue. The key is to get it off before it drys completely, 24 hours or less. The guy that used to do my asphalt patching once told me that there is a chemical that will take the sealcoat off. He is in jail now...
  9. Eric H

    Air Lift door parts?

  10. Eric H

    Single-Stall Laserwash Cost

    People are usually shocked at how much it costs to build a wash. Out of curiosity, how much were you expecting? PDQ (Laserwash) and Washworld are in the upper price range but as with all things, You get what you pay for. That extra $20k gets you A LOT of added value. My competition seems to...
  11. Eric H

    I might change my name to “David”

    I really value the relationships that I’ve made with people on this forum. I’m lucky that I live fairly close to Waxman. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t speak to him or exchange a few texts. I was feeling burnt out and needed a break so Waxman and I made plans to drive to Vermont to see New...
  12. Eric H

    Washworld Razor Sonar

    Also, the sonar should be set at 99 when there is nothing under the sonar
  13. Eric H

    Air shamee relief valve

    I think I have a couple I can sell you along with several new and used nozzles if you are interested. Shipping would be from MA
  14. Eric H

    Washworld Razor Sonar

    They don't provide the wire from the VS2 box to the UCC in the equipment room. I offered to help you a few days ago after you contacted me. I sent you my cell number but you haven't called. I understand you're stressed out but I suggest that you don't lash out at the people that are trying to...
  15. Eric H

    Washworld Razor Sonar

    I don't have the wiring schedule in front of me but I'm fairly certain that shielded cable is specified for the sonar. Did the distributor do the wiring or did an electrician do it?
  16. Eric H

    Washworld Razor Sonar

    Never had that issue with any of my 4 machines. The only time I had an issue was when I smashed my head on the bracket and when I closed the machine the sonar wasn't lined up with the hole in the cover. Has WW replaced the sonar under warranty or have you been opening it up and draining the...
  17. Eric H

    Rebuilding a Mosmatic Z-Boom

    I've only replaced 1 bearing and it was a bear but I got it done without using a bearing puller or press. I think I may have used a grinder to cut out the inner race. I do have 4 used Mosmatic booms if you are interested in buying up to 3. I think I'll keep 1 for a spare. I'm located in...
  18. Eric H

    Air compressor

    what do you mean by "shutting down" tripping to overload on the compressor motor or tripping the breaker in the main panel
  19. Eric H

    rough up stainless rails for wheel traction?

    maybe try some non-slip tape. If you score the rails and the new scoring causes a different problem, you'll have a very difficult time getting a smooth surface again...
  20. Eric H

    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    I'm not familiar with what type of wash you operate and how often you have employees onsite. If you are a SS and IBA site you are a vending machine business. Is the city going to mandate that customers wear a mask while using a soda machine? Does the soda vending company have to enforce this...