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  1. Overachiever

    How to get rid of bad online reviews

    I just want to know what happens when you do it with a burner visa gift card. If you have $3 left on your gift card, you request the $10. I imagined it would let me into the car wash and decline the charge, they wouldn't be able to collect any overdraft fees.
  2. Overachiever

    People pulling out fragrance machine hose

    Thanks guys, I guess I'll give @JCM method of modifying the hose a try. The hose they sent me barely would make it to the top of the nut with how little rubber has been removed from that hose.
  3. Overachiever

    People pulling out fragrance machine hose

    The method of securing the hose to the machine that the previous owner of my car wash used doesn't work very well and hose is continually getting pulled out of the fragrance machine, making it harder to get back in the next time around and sometimes kinking the little 1/8 tubes. I asked...
  4. Overachiever

    SS Bay Lights - Again

    @JMMUSTANG are you mounting those in the center of the bay across the entire length or side by side?
  5. Overachiever

    MiFi Internet

    Do you need to use the Comcast modem? Usually you can provide your own and reduce your bill by not renting from them. I had a lot of issues with their equipment but once I bought my own it's been bulletproof.
  6. Overachiever

    Removing Asphalt Sealcoating

    Might be worth shooting pgrzes a PM, he owns a sealcoating business.
  7. Overachiever

    icoin acceptor

    I use magikist icoins in a few bays / vacs. They have been super reliable and never get jammed but like Bob Koo mentioned, when the customer rockets the quarter into the machine it will reject it. I haven't posted signs but I've had to tell a number of customers to gently drop them in.
  8. Overachiever

    Anyone taking advantage of the coin shortage to raise prices?

    As a precaution I took out $1k in quarters today.. I never have quarters to bring to the bank. I recycle them until there isn't enough to recycle and then I take out more. The bank told me the coin shortage is real, the first branch I tried didn't have any quarters left. The next one wouldn't...
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    McNeil is also who dropped me :)
  10. Overachiever


    If you find anything let me know. I had 3 claims from a string of vandalism and got canceled. I'm also paying the triple rate price at the moment. Was told I'd need to wait another year or two without any claims before I'll be back to something affordable.
  11. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    40k, I didn't specify an amount when filling out the application as it wasn't a required field and I wasn't sure how this whole thing would pan out. So I guess that's the amount they felt was good for me.
  12. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    The "Advance" was $1,000 per employee up to $10k... I answered 0 employees and they still gave me $1k. The EIDL was the up to $2 million loan with 3.75% interest for 30 years.
  13. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    I got approved for the EIDL Loan today. Received an email today asking me to login to confirm the amount of the loan that I'd like. Just in time as they started closing the SS bays and vacs down in my area.
  14. Overachiever

    Sludge Sucker

    Does the suction increase with the amount of pressure?
  15. Overachiever

    Carwash Closings

    Anyone in IL receive anything or hear anything about needing to close down their vacs and self service bays? I'd say half of the car washes in my area have received cease and desist letters and had to close... the other half are still open and haven't received anything.
  16. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    I know that the one I filled out did not have a checkbox for the advance. If what you are saying is true, it would be nice if they sent out emails that let me know instead of sending out stuff like this that says I'm still all good with my existing application. I received this email on 3/30...
  17. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    I received $1000 EIDL advance today. I answered 0 for number of employees when I filled it out on 3/30. I also received that same email last night, maybe you'll have a deposit tomorrow. I applied for the EIDL loan on 3/23 and received an email on 3/25 saying my application was "in review"...
  18. Overachiever

    Small business loan

    The free up to $10k one doesn't require you to have employees. It's this one:
  19. Overachiever

    Carwash Closings

    @washnvac Out of curiosity are the gas station IBA's closed too? I think you are allowed to be open from what I see on Delaware's rules.
  20. Overachiever

    Post pics of thives, or not?

    I think the only customers that would be offended by it are the ones you wouldn't want on your property. One of the car washes in my area did a $20 facebook ad recently with video of some people that tried to break into their equipment and ended up catching them with the help of people who saw it.