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  1. Eric H

    history of vending machines

    I'm a big fan of The History Guy on Youtube. He has a video on the history of vending machines that I thought some of you would enjoy.
  2. Eric H

    CryptoPay credit cards accepted

    I have a bunch of new vacuums on order thatwill have CryptoPay. I need to order some banners and decals to help advertise the new CC acceptance. What credit card types are you accepting? I assume Visa, MasterCard and Discover but are you accepting American Express? Any others that I’ve missed?
  3. Eric H

    I might change my name to “David”

    I really value the relationships that I’ve made with people on this forum. I’m lucky that I live fairly close to Waxman. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t speak to him or exchange a few texts. I was feeling burnt out and needed a break so Waxman and I made plans to drive to Vermont to see New...
  4. Eric H

    Who says Self Serves are dying?

    6:15 in the morning and all bays are full. 2 minutes after I took this photo there were 2 cars waiting
  5. Eric H

    phone apps

    I've been casually looking at Carwash phone apps for a couple of years and never really got excited about any of them...Covid-19 has renewed my interest somewhat but I'm still unsure it they are a good fit for my washes. I see there is a new add sponsor for this page UWashApp by Washcard and I'd...
  6. Eric H

    Snow foam

    Snow foam seems to be a big buzz in the auto detailing world. Is there a way to utilize this product in a SS bay?
  7. Eric H

    Damage claim from dryer

    I have a voicemail message from yesterday claiming that while the onboard dryer was going over the customers car he heard a loud thump. When he pulled out of the bay he found a dent in the rear hatch on his wife’s car. I haven’t watched the video or spoken directly with the customer yet but...
  8. Eric H

    JE Adam vacs & CryptoPay

    Can CryptoPay be added to these JE Adams vacuums? There doesn’t seem to be enough space to insert a card, swipe it and remove the card. I have 21 vacuums on 3 properties that I’m considering adding Crytopay to the vacs. I already have Etowah Valley CC in my SS bays. The thought of replacing...
  9. Eric H

    Nashville text group

    Every year as the ICA show approaches I try to put together a text group so that people can get together on the show floor or earlier in the morning before the show opens. If you would like to be included please send me a PM and I will add you to the list. Please include your ACW handle and...
  10. Eric H

    I need more cones

    I’m not sure what more I could do to prevent this...I had cone at the pay station and I removed my work platform from the bay to test something.
  11. Eric H

    TSYS Chargebacks

    I received a notice from TSYS about a $25 chargeback. I usually throw them away and don't worry about them. The charge amount isn't worth my time when I can't provide the required information IE: a signed receipt or an invoice showing the customers ship to address. I've heard 2 different...
  12. Eric H

    HP pressure drop through elbows

    I am about to redo the low pressure functions in an older 4bay SS. I am putting together a parts list and I have a question: When the HP goes through a 90 degree elbow is there a significant amount of pressure drop vs using two 45 degree? For example when the HP line comes across the ceiling...
  13. Eric H

    Lorex app

    What app are people using to view Lorex cameras on an IPhone? My Lorex NVR is about 3 years old and has never been connected to the Internet. I loaded Lorex home but when I scan the QC code on the NVR it says “device not supported”. I see several Lorex apps but I’m not sure which one to use.
  14. Eric H

    Nashville ICA Show

    Any recommendations on were to stay in Nashville? Last time i stayed at the Vanderbuilt Holiday Inn and it was fine but I am going with my wife so I'd like something within reasonable walking distance to the convention center. I rented a car last time and it was a real hassle parking at the...
  15. Eric H

    polymax panels for baysne

    has anyone installed polymax or similar panels in their SS bays? I have FRP that I want to replace at 1 wash and Extrutec at another. The Extrutec looks great except where the customer has put holes into the panels. I am considering installing Polymax on the bottom 4' of the wall and...
  16. Eric H

    IBA lorex cameras

    I have a Hikvision camera system that uses Northern industried cameras in the IBA and they seem to hold up pretty well. I am adding 2 IBA's to a different site with a Lorex camera sytem. Will the Northern Industies camera work with Lorex? If not, what Lorex compatiable camera are you using an...
  17. Eric H

    Unitec/Tysy card processing

    Is anyone using a card processor besides TSYS for their Unitec paystations? I'm looking to reduce fees AND I always have trouble logging on to their system to check my batches.
  18. Eric H

    tragedy in IB Washins town! I'm on my way to help Pat! don't worry I'll bring my own ice
  19. Eric H

    adding a 3rd IBA/friction

    If someone were to add a Friction machine to a site that already had 2 touchless units that were washing 25,000 CPY combined what would the 3rd friction machine wash?
  20. Eric H

    Colored Tokens

    I have some Brass tokens that I sell to a few local companies for washing their fleet of trucks. I value the token at $10 and my buddy Waxman (you may have heard of him) has the exact same tokens that he values at $1. So far there doesn't seem to be any crossover but I need to purchase some...