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  1. soapy

    Would you build/invest right now?

    Also consider the following. Capital gains tax is at 15% now but if Biden wins the tax could go to 28 or even 39%. That makes a big impact when selling if you are looking for equity to cash out when you are ready to sell.
  2. soapy

    Turning complainers into loyal customers

    If a customer lets me know of a problem and they are civil I make sure they get a full refund and some free automatic washes. I just had a guy leave a couple of phone messages for me laced with profanity and cursing at me. Seems his time ran out while using his credit card for a SS wash. Then...
  3. soapy

    Arkansas idiot drives trailer in new Razor

    Still have the same insurance company and rates have not gone up.
  4. soapy

    Arkansas idiot drives trailer in new Razor

    3 years ago a guy with a trailer totaled one of my OHD 2000s. I had replacement insurance although the guys insurance had to pay the 170K bill.
  5. soapy

    Water Softener Regen**More info added/question?

    No reason to run soft water to the HP functions on the automatic. Many people say that a hard water rinse is better. I would estimate that probably 80% of your soft water is being used by the IBA high pressure functions. YOu would probably have plenty flow for the other function at the wash if...
  6. soapy

    Credit card processing

    Yes it is much easier to comply with dial up but you still have the questionaire to fill out.
  7. soapy

    Credit card processing

    I checked my Tsys charge last month on my Goldlines and the total all in rate was 4.78%. FYI Tsys recently changed who does the yearly PCI compliance. I have seen the non comliance rate rise from $49.99 per month a couple years ago to $81.99 per month for non compliance. Make sure you are PCI...
  8. soapy

    Drilling 1/2" hole through stainless

    I always use cutting oil with either step bits or cobalt bits.
  9. soapy

    Water Softener Regen**More info added/question?

    You can probably call your city or a local water softner company and find out how many grains of hardness water your area typically has. Then find out how big your softner tank is in grains. Divide the grains of the tank by the grains of hardness in the water and that is how many gallons the...
  10. soapy

    Kleenrite rewards

    I use the bonus points but have written very few reviews and did not know you got points for them.
  11. soapy

    What type of water heater ?

    400 foot well depth at the house. City wells are artesian also but not near as deep.
  12. soapy

    What type of water heater ?

    Water temp out of my ground pump at my house is 75 but only around 45 at my washes in town.
  13. soapy

    Warnings You Would Give Me Letting Large Crowds of Youth "Loiter" at the SS?

    Similar situation just happened in our town by another car wash. Bad stuff started to happen slowly like kids doing burnouts on the street and blocking entrances to businesses. Finally it got really out of hand and the police had to come in arrest a few of them. The organizer said it was just a...
  14. soapy

    Arimitsu Pump leaking

    Undue the inlet hose to the pump and you will probably see it still flowing water. Trace that line back to the solenoid and you should find your problem.
  15. soapy

    Self-Serve High Pressure hoses wearing out

    I have 16 foot bay doors with the boom mounted about 18 feet high and 32 footlong bays and my hoses have never drug on the ground. I run a 3 foot hose down from the end of the boom that almost never wears out and makes it easier to replace hoses when needed. I just started using the new lighter...
  16. soapy

    Cleaning Wall Paneling in Bays???

    LOw Fume Muratic acid availible at Home Depot or Lowes. I dilute it 2 parts water to 1 part acid. I brush it on and let it sit for a couple of minutes then brush it again for agitation. and rinse. Bad spots might require 2 applications. About $7 per gallon and I can do a 40 foot auto bay with 2...
  17. soapy

    Credit card processing

  18. soapy

    Pushlok check valves

    I have used many of the john guest 3/8 OD push lock check valves with great success. I do not have many 1/4 od lines but think the John Guest 1/4 inch valves would work fine.
  19. soapy

    Cars per day

    A rule of thumb I was given years ago by a express wash appraiser was that you needed 125 cars per day per millions of dollars invested to break even. Low side would be 100 cpd per million. At that rate will your project cost 1.7 million or less?