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    Car wash equipment install

    Does anyone do any installs for conveyor tunnels around the Virginia area? We are looking to put in a few extra pieces of equipment such as lights and additional functions.
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    Rebuilding pressure regulators?

    Are you able to rebuild these pressure regulators? I am having one or two leaking water from the back and have read that it is possible, but this would be my first time trying to maintain one. Are there any signs I should be aware of that would point to a replacement vs. rebuild? The only...
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    Aqua Bio Technologies - Cyclone Filter Drain Basin Issue

    We use Aqua Bio Technologies as our reclaim system provider at our wash. Recently, we've had a build up of sludge collecting in our cyclone drain basin trough and water is filling up all the way up to the cyclone drain cones. Water level doesn't reach any higher than that but it's obviously not...
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    Photo Eye Issue

    I'm having an issue in my tunnel where my photo eye is not registering to the MCC, which in turn isn't registering the vehicle. This is the main photo eye stand (about 3' high) with a top vehicle eye and bottom wheel eye. On the other side of the tunnel, the photo eye stand (8'' high) is alot...
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    The Pulse Sensor

    So, I think I can post this here. As a fairly new owner ~3-4 years (I still consider myself very green), I had the problem where my pulse sensor was not registering a bolt here and there and the entire timing of my wash was offset. This caused me alot of stress trying to rewash cars or deal with...
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    Steam Cleaning

    At our detailing center, we used to use Extractors, brushes, and a dual headed polished attached with carpet brushes to remove stains. The outcome was generally positive with most if not all stains getting removed but ended up with soaking carpets from the amount of "steam" the extractors spray...
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    AVW/MCE Belt Conveyor System - Glide Plates

    Currently using an AVW Dual 30'' Belt Conveyor System for our wash, the original stainless steel glide plates under the belts have worn down in the middle causing severe damage to my belt (middle flights have all been shaved down and snapped off). I now have ordered a new belt for our conveyor...