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    Cat 310 lost pressure

    Head scratcher; over 30 years experience but never had a problem like this. One cat 310 lost pressure to a Self Service bay so began the troubleshooting. The pump ran smoothly but would not build pressure both cold and hot were about 300 psi; low pressure was fine so no blockage in the bay...
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    Changing the time on Fragramatic Vac

    Anyone know of an infrared hand held device that will allow changing the price and time on an older Fragramatic vac. I see lots of them for TVs and stereos for sale in resale shops. I still have the original 75 cent start up price and am raising all my vac prices. Just wondering if one would...
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    Cryptopay on Fragramatic Vac

    I've got a 20 year old Fragramatic Vac/ Carpet Cleaner and I want to add a Cryptopay Card Reader to it but obviously the old timer/display is not compatible. I'm afraid to ask what an upgrade will cost so I'm considering rewiring to eliminate the large countdown timer. I'm thinking about...
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    Flojet stall

    How can I add an air and pressure bleed to my flojet setup? I've fought this problem for, well, ever. I've tried all of the suggested solutions (I think) that I can find on this forum but I still get stalls. I have run the air supply over a rafter and added a dryer just in front of the Flojet...
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    fragramatic coin acceptor

    i have a combo vac and carpet cleaner with an unknown type of coin acceptor. recently began shutting down if you put in a 4th quarter. it will run for a couple of seconds and shut down. it works fine with 3 quarters. the coin acceptor just has fragramatic on the side. it is the type you put...
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    Phone Auto Dialer

    Am working on a better way for my automatic to notify me when the doors are open or the temp is below freezing in the bay. Now i get an email but that is only beneficial if i'm actively monitoring my email. decided to go with the fabled "auto dialer" i've read about on this forum for a hundred...
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    Help With Winter Door Management

    A friend of mine, using a device he made for his company, has promised to solve my wintertime ?door management? problem. My automatic is less than smart about doing this seemingly simple job. On several occasions over the past couple of winters, i've called up my cameras to find a door...