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  1. I.B. Washincars

    Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog?

    My advice to criminals: Don’t burglarize someone and use their boxes with name and address, to pack off your loot. Some of my stuff was recovered in a stolen car in another county. No suspects, but at least I got some of my things back.
  2. I.B. Washincars

    A little bit of humor to start or end your day

    A man walks onto an airplane and takes his seat. He looks up and see the most beautiful woman he has ever seen boarding the plane. He is really nervous, and soon realizes that she is walking down the isle toward him. When she takes the seat right next to him, he is anxious to begin a...
  3. I.B. Washincars

    I need more cones

    You gotta wonder how someone that stupid would ever get laid to begin with.
  4. I.B. Washincars

    Waited till it was too late!

    All of my 516s replaced Cat 310s or 5CP 2120. They are drop-in replacements. I think the 311 and 313 are as well. A nice side benefit of the Arimitsu is that it has 4 outlets, compared to 2 on Cats. It makes plumbing it easier and cleaner.
  5. I.B. Washincars

    Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog?

    Yeah, I guess I’m destined to sitting in front of my computer for hours...☹️
  6. I.B. Washincars

    Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog?

    ;) I don't want to make any effort. I want someone to say they have one and will send it to me. You're just talking crazy...;)
  7. I.B. Washincars

    Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog?

    Does anyone have a Craftsman tool catalog laying around that I could beg, borrow, buy, or steal? I know everything is online now, but that’s not really much help in my case. Someone broke into my garage and stole nearly every tool I own. Coming up with a list for police/insurance is daunting, if...
  8. I.B. Washincars

    In Bay Wall Paint Color

    Since paint on SS bay walls usually ends up as a disaster in the long run, I would stick with the same color. When it starts coming off (and it will), the original color will show through. Bay walls don't handle freeze/thaw cycles well and tend to turn loose of paint.
  9. I.B. Washincars

    Testing Uploads

    Trying the "Drop Image" feature.
  10. I.B. Washincars

    ATTN: All Forum Users...

    I like it better, too.
  11. I.B. Washincars

    Tokens, quarters or $1 coins?

    Scan Coin 303 is pretty much the standard for sorters. MicroCoin QL is a pretty good choice for multi-coin acceptors.
  12. I.B. Washincars

    Tokens, quarters or $1 coins?

    I started dispensing dollar coins when they came out, back in 2000. I hated hearing customers say "I didn't want all these f@#$%ing quarters, I started dispensing quarters out of one side and dollars out of the other...that didn't work. No one looked at the decals and just...
  13. I.B. Washincars

    Testing Uploads

    Yes, I clicked on the "Insert Image" link, which really looks like nothing that would tell me I needed to click there to insert a picture, but I digress... Then it opened the window stating "Drop Image" or "Click here". I didn't know what "Drop Image" meant, so I did the "Click here", which took...
  14. I.B. Washincars

    Testing Uploads

    Much easier, but still not clear for a non-geek. Don't know why my picture posted twice.
  15. I.B. Washincars

    Testing Uploads

  16. I.B. Washincars

    Purging members.

    ATTENTION: I Am Deleting The Following People in This group As They Do Not Contribute or post. If your name is on the list and you don't want to be deleted, just let me know. Will Torres Kendra Pertilla Reida Nichols Irene Dennen Rachel Brantley Jivenia Porter Renee Simpkins Andrea Bogle...
  17. I.B. Washincars

    Has anybody just put a "For Sale" sign on the door?

    I want to sell my washes and retire. They are all in small towns in central KY. I have been putting the word out for quite some time. I've gotten some interest, but none have turned into sales. Since they are in small towns, I figure word would get around quickly if I just put a sign on the...
  18. I.B. Washincars

    Portal TI bill dispenser loading

    I got a fujitsu cassette off ebay just a couple of weeks ago.
  19. I.B. Washincars

    Looking for an open dangler.

    I need one of those float switches on a wire, like used in RO tanks. The one I have on hand is closed when it’s dangling. I need one that is open when dangling. The catalogs don’t specify, so I’m assuming that they are closed, since most applications require a closed one. Where can I find an...
  20. I.B. Washincars

    Wait! I gotta take this call.

    I can get a little chuckle out of this now, since it all came out well. I happened upon an accident scene this morning on the parkway near my home. The car was upside-down at the bottom of the embankment. There was one person near the car and a car stopped in the emergency lane. I stopped to...