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    Desperate Times

    When I get poeple who try to scam me I tell them we'll do an internal investigation and take there phone number. If they are scamming me I don't call them back, if it's something wrong with the equipment or something that our fault I'll call them back and give them a couple of free washes or...
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    Would you build/invest right now?

    I change the oil in my car every 8000 miles, use a 0-20wt. synthetic oil, I'd never take my car to a lube shop. A lot of the lube shops that were built here have been closed for some time. When my son bought his last new car he got free oil changes for life.
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    I keep going through flojet pumps

    Is this Triple Foam system a separate system from the High pressure system? In other words is it connected to the high pressure system?
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    Desperate Times

    I know how you feel. We’ve been in this business for over 35 years and I’ve never seen it like this. We have homeless bothering customers, more household garbage. The homeless that we’ve asked to leave are more combative, they want to argue about why they have to leave. We are getting more calls...
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    WAGO wire connectors

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    PLC and VFD controlled self service bays

    When I was with the Nuclear Navy my boss Admiral Hyman Rickover was a firm believer in the KISS principal, “Keep It Simple Stupid”. The simpler these systems are the easier they are for you to work on them. All these systems can be controlled by a VFD or a PLC but when they fail and they fail...
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    Mounting bracket for dixmor timer horn

    Why don't you just make them yourself. A piece of thin aluminum and a hole saw and your done. Simple
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    It’s 1am. Do you know where your children are?

    Dam tourists!! Bet those kids are from Ketchikan or Skagway.
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    Is 22ga meter box wire acceptable?

    GEEZ! Soapy do know how much that would cost? 18ga. wire is $1.62 a foot, I'd have to take on another job to pay for that.
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    Mars Coupons

    Are you saying they did a crap job of installing you new machine. Most of the installers I’ve run into don’t know jack about the equipment they are installing or how it’s supposed to work. I don’t know how you’re going to get a Mars validator to accept a Hamilton Token note, you’ll have to...
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    vac decal removal

    You can get the xylol/xylene at Lowes or Home depot for around $20 gallon. Be careful, it's a dangerous product.
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    Mars Coupons

    Here's everything you need to know about Mars coupons. a word of caution, the Mars validators when used in a ACW sees the coupons as cash, when you push the refund button it will dispense the value of the coupon in change..
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    Change Laurel mechaincal drop shelf to to accept tokens instead of quarters?

    I'm sure our customers don't want the leftover extra tokens they get, no one has ever complained. We lose around 10,000 $1 tokens every 9 - 10 months. That's a pretty good return on a token that costs us .33.
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    Change Laurel mechaincal drop shelf to to accept tokens instead of quarters?

    To do this right you’re going to need to change your vending machines from mechanical vendors to electronic vending machines. You can’t take 2 different coins in a mechanical coin acceptor that have 2 different values. Like said in an earlier post, call Chip at Laurel metals.
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    Why would our Air compressor keep tripping breaker

    I'd probably start by taking a hard look at the motor contactor first.
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    Better way to lock JC oval vacs with the large doors?

    The problem with locking up the vac doors so they are real secure is they'll pry open the door on the hinge side of the door with a pry bar, been there and done that. We clean out the vac's every afternoon, it's kind of a PITA, but it's helped stop them from getting into the vac's.
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    To keep the bastards out of our dumpsters we lock them up like there was gold inside. I hate to say this but I've been in fist fights with those who think it's there God given right to dig in the dumpster for that special piece crap. I'm done dealing with these pieces of crap people, we just...
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    Change Laurel mechaincal drop shelf to to accept tokens instead of quarters?

    Call Chip at Laurel metals at 888-528-7358 he can help you with your problem. What size token and metal are you using? Who did you buy your tokens from? If your mixing tokens in with your quarters you want to use a .984 token. You don't have to do anything to your changer to dispense .984...
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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    You should count your lucky stars your not in Victoria Australia, they aren't messing around there
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    I intend to raise my self serve prices this year....

    I paid for my last vacation with the extra miscellaneous coins that were in my coin vaults. I love my stupid customers. I ttake the tokens over to the other car washes and buy up there vending.