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    vac decal removal

    Pro Goof Off worked for us when we redid some Vac decals.
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    Dosatron for SS foam brush

    We use Dosatron in our SS bays. Not certain of the city pressure but Dosatron tech support has always been very helpful when we had a question about our systems.
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    Hamilton’s New Pay station the “Commander”

    Only noticeable differences between the Commander and Goldline is the touch screen and the big price tag. I think it may be a tough sell for many washes that already have a Goldline unless there is an affordable conversion path. New installations that are considering an ICS may look at the...
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    JEEP Problem

    I own a 2020 Wrangler. I can see a small (very small) amount of water on a floor now and then after taking it through my Razors several times a week. No issue with my soft cloth. The Jeep is designed to be able to remove the doors and the roof (in sections) so I think they were a bit loose...
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    Mandatory Mask Ordinances (How Will You React As a Business Owner?)

    Recent story (on NPR) about 2 hair cutters who tested positive for CV19, cut hair for over 130 people between testing and the positive results. Not one customer tested positive for CV. Working theory is that since all customers and the two hair cutters wore masks the entire time no one caught...
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    FYI. Kleen-Rite email system has been hacked.

    Do not open an email from them with an attached word doc. I confirmed with KR
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    Anyone taking advantage of the coin shortage to raise prices?

    And Wawa will give you a free drink for $5 and a sandwich for $10 in change.
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    Internet speed for video surveillance system

    We have a Lorex 4K system too. Lesson learned. The monitor they include in the package deals cannot show 4K so the NVR system dumbs down the video to match highest res of the monitor (about 2k). If you try to switch to 4K res on the NVR it will make the monitor go blank such that you need to...
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    Convert a bay to several pet washes?

    The various models look cool, and probably expensive. Going to wait on dog wash unless we decide to add a separate house for one. Wish they were more like the self cleaning toilets found in some big cities. Labor for a single unit or even for a few units make the ROI less attractive.
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    Anyone taking advantage of the coin shortage to raise prices?

    Why fight a losing battle. Convert to tokens and you can bank the money from the changers as spent. We even make a few thousand each year from attrition. Plus custom tokens are a good marketing method.... Switching to tokens is easy, all depends on token size you chose if you need to replace...
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    Painting An Older Brick Wash

    spoke with a friend who owns a tunnel. They use WaterTite Which we will try in our new IBA project.
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    Convert a bay to several pet washes?

    I like the tub you found for my house! Just built a small dog shower out of marine grade wood that seems to work nicely. I tend to agree with the points you raise. If you run the numbers at $10/wash the dog options I see require a significant number of washes to breakeven.
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    Convert a bay to several pet washes?

    Anyone have experience (good or no so good) having converted a SS bay to multiple pet wash stations? Debating the merits of changing a bay to 4 separate dog wash stations each with a separate door (due to CV19). The dog units seem a bit pricey and I wonder if they require a full-time...
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    Painting An Older Brick Wash

    We used swimming pool paint to repaint a tired place that was painted in the past. Seems to last longer and stand up to the abuse from the HP wand. Finishing year three, probably will repaint after year five based on the current look.
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    Looking to lease car wash

    If set on getting into the industry look up the property value on the public database and make the owner an offer to purchase at assessed value (or lower). He can say no thanks or give it some consideration as I doubt he has many people seriously considering a lease arrangement. Loans are...
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    Looking to lease car wash

    You are going to spend more than $100K depending on the paystation and the IBA, not to mention anything else that may need to be repaired. Spending money in an attempt to generate a paycheck does not make sense - used equipment loses original value quickly. If you cannot own the property and...
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    Soap in HP rinse

    Take solenoid apart and use a can of air on the components. Usually we have found a small piece of junk inside which was the issue.
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    Seeking a push-in manifold for an Istobal Self Service bay.

    After speaking with Istobal tech support I can build one for a fraction of the $49 replacement cost with off the shelf components from Home Depot. Nothing special about this manifold.
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    Seeking a push-in manifold for an Istobal Self Service bay.

    Thx. I learned that they have an email where you can send a pic and they get you the part number And sell the part if they have it.
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    Seeking a push-in manifold for an Istobal Self Service bay.

    The orange 5 pushlock manifold for that controls the HP Soap and Wax to the bay pump stand is cracked. Cannot locate the part with KR, calling Istobal tomorrow unless someone knows of a place where I can purchase the part (see pic). Many thanks....