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    Did you check out a freestyler for clearance?
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    Hog Daddy foam brush

    Can you get these with the larger threads to thread onto a wooden handle for a prep brush?
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    Rarely spending time together with his wife is probably the reason they made it to 10 years.
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    Reconditioned Automatic

    Mac will refurbish your SoftGloss and it will come out looking like an Istobal! :giggle:
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    Reconditioned Automatic

    Isn’t that what Astromatic does? Does Ryko have a problem with them doing that? Kinda like GM getting upset if someone buys a used Chevy, works on the engine, paints it and then sells it.
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    Simoniz "Vision Clear"

    I think around $175 for the TS extreme - in that ballpark. Never bought the TS regular so not sure, but obviously cheaper. But keep in mind coach, it is not just drum/pail cost. Dilution ratio is huge. TS extreme goes on at 1:120 at its strongest. . When I was looking into Vision Clear...
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    RO Rinse for Side Mirror & Rear Windows on SUV

    I I see what you are saying. Although this is not a friction component, it exists in a friction tunnel and friction tunnels tend to have a lot of moving parts that are potentially dangerous. Not saying that hazards should not be mitigated, they certainly should. I don’t own this...
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    Simoniz "Vision Clear"

    Right - that is probably why Quest has the 3 versions - it depends what you are looking for in performance. But from my understanding with the vision Clear, it is not that it does or does not last, it is that you won’t get the results on the paint - the shine and smooth feeling, because it is...
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    Best tunnel equipment?

    I know Hanna is now owned by Coleman and is not the giant it was decades ago, but they still make solid equipment. Not sure how the service/maintenance/distribution is these days though.
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    RO Rinse for Side Mirror & Rear Windows on SUV

    Tom Hoffman has around 30 washes in Eastern and Central New York State. He has a lot of AVW equipment and always made some custom components for his washes, but recently started a company that also manufactures various components and they are now available for other operators. The company is...
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    RO Rinse for Side Mirror & Rear Windows on SUV

    Not my wash, but I have visited this guys washes.
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    Simoniz "Vision Clear"

    Wanted to try but back when I was using Simoniz and asked a Simoniz rep about it with respect to comparing it to rain X. He said it is generally used more and marketed as just a glass treatment - they have arches in tunnels that target the glass more and not so much the rest of the car...
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    Laundromat general questions

    I’m not a laundromat owner, but I occasionally use one if I have a large item I can’t fit in my washer at home. It seems like 95% of the washing machines I see in these places - the standard sized ones - not the triple loaders- are Speed Queen. Ten years ago, I had to replace my washer at...
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    Would you build/invest right now?

    When I got started back in the 80’s, the ICA was putting out pamphlets and information geared towards the consumer saying that automobiles are people’s “second biggest investment” - this was to encourage keeping them clean at commercial car washes. These days, with the younger generation not...
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    If you had an IBA with no heat and wanted to add it, what would you add?

    First wash I worked at when I was a kid had heated rails, floor heat , doors and weep that we reserved for extreme conditions. I’m in the northeast and we never had a freeze up.
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    Washworld XR7

    Congrats coach! Post lots of pics!
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    Does anyone know what this machine is?

    I can’t believe I am reviving a 5 year old thread - but I finally made it out to this wash today to pay this guy a visit! I asked him what brand it was and he said it was a home-made machine from a company in Utica, NY. Built in 1977!! He couldn’t remember the name of the company, but...
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    Questions for those with a Washworld Profile

    Two things: 1. Don’t know anything about the Profile but I give credit to your distributor for being upfront and honest about what he is seeing, rather than just loading up the machine with options and then having you have to work around some issues. They don’t all do that. 2. Triple foam...
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    100% new to all of this. I want to start an automatic car wash. Can you help me. I am in need of help from A to Z. Please help. Thank you

    Lester, As the previous posters indicated, this is a huge undertaking. Certainly not saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done, but it’s almost impossible for one individual to guide you along the way. What I would do is: 1. Work at a well run, respected car wash for at least a year. Do all you...
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    Thoughts on other chemicals??

    Outstanding line of chemicals - best Waxes/ sealants/ protectants I have ever used.