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    Ryko Softgloss not spraying

    First thing to check is the breakers Q21-Q24. They are white push style breakers and located at the top and just to the left of center in the panel on the machine. If one is tripped it will be popped out.
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    Ryko OHD lp intermittent issue

    I'm betting you have a water solenoid coil pulling high current (shorting). Use the test functions to simulate the wash function it was in when the breaker tripped. If you don't have an ammeter to take current measurements feel the coils. If you find a warm coil change it.
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    Two electrical issues

    First, I have a 200 watt led parking lot light that works in the shop. But when I hook it up to the light pole, nothing. The black is hot per my multi meter and pen. Stumped. You may have an open (broken) neutral. Do you have full voltage per your meter from hot to neutral and ground? Test...
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    Ceramic wax

    We just swapped out Rain Shield for Reflection in our Softgloss. I'm not sure if it's considered a ceramic product. The product beads water well and smells nice. If it doesn't build up in the lines like the Rain Shield does I will be happy.
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    New tunnel wash on well and septic system

    Having enough well water GPM to run a wash may be a challenge, you may need storage tanks and boost pumps to compensate. I have not been to a wash that used a septic system but I would imagine the tanks and drain field requirements would be excessive to accommodate the amount of water through...
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    watertech 24

    Sounds like you covered most everything but also open the needle valve on the air cylinder, this controls the lift speed. I will assume the PLC output relay (Y37) is not sticking on keeping the Mac valve energized and that the main air pressure regulator is set to no less than 110psi. My guess...
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    Ryko pump stand

    Here is the hydraulic schematic to help you figure out where the water may be coming from that is pushing back into the tanks. Be sure to check the cold water pressure regulator. To high of pressure may push water back through a closed solenoid valve that has a worn plunger seal or weak spring...
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    Good Reclaim recommendation for SS Operation

    I personally have not seen reclaim water used for any self serve functions other than weep. Ryko made a reclaim weep system for self serve that had underground pvc lines connected from the HP gun holster tubes in each bay that gravity fed to a single 15 gallon in ground tank in the equipment...
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    Ryko Softgloss

    Brushes should be spinning at ~70 rpm, not adjustable. There are three sets of typical fan type nozzles on the machine, wash, rinse and regular foam bath. The wash nozzles are used during the brush cycles. These brass nozzles wear out fast because of the detergent being injected in the wash...
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    Kleen Grean

    Ron, are the SELFIT fittings reusable?
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    Photo Eyes for Self Serve wash doors

    Same here. Our self serve bays use Liftmaster openers and they use proprietary 2 wire photo eyes. In our IBA's I have used Carlos, Telco and Banner. The Banners are probably the most trouble free but the Carlos and Telco are very reliable also, plus you can get an amplifier relay with ON/OFF...
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    Fastest, best cleaning IBA?

    In my experience: Best cleaning capability - Wash World Profile. Fastest wash capability - Ryko Softgloss 5 Brush with Washbuilder software.
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    Arch covers

    I've used split pipe insulation from, sometimes two layers. For placing the holes I put the foam on the arm and pressed the foam into nozzles which left an imprint on the inside of the foam. I then either used: a hole saw running reverse to cut the hole, a 3/4" copper pipe coupler...
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    Softgloss Front Gear Box Failure

    When you set the NEW reducer on the arm in its mounting position before you install the mounting bolts does the reducer sit flat or does it wobble indicating the arm slot cut-out may be bent? If it wobbles and you tighten the 4 mounting bolts, that stress will take a toll on the reducer mounting...
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    Pressure and nozzle size

    The math says 3hp should get you 4.38gpm @ 1000psi or 3.65gpm @ 1200psi. With 5hp its 7.3gpm @ 1000psi or 6.08gpm @ 1200psi. With my 2506 nozzles at 1200psi I should be using ~3.29gpm and ~2.7hp. So mathematically 3hp would work. The 516 pump is rated from 4-5 gpm depending on the pump rpm. My...
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    Pressure and nozzle size

    1200psi, 2506 nozzles. Arimitsu 516 pumps, 5hp.
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    Simoniz Ceramic in IBA

    My experience with some of the Rain X and Ceramic type products out there is that they work too well. They will seal in the road film that touch free washes may leave on the vehicle and the hoses that deliver the product to the equipment will get chemical build up in them overtime. I will be...
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    Best rollover system

    The Ryko Softgloss 3 Brush Maxx can do both friction and touchless washes but I wouldn't say it was a fast machine.
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    Max HP PSI on WashWorld Razor?

    The Cat 3535 pump is a positive displacement pump. The data sheet states it has a rating of up to 36 gpm, 100-1200 psi and 100-800 rpm. How many gallons it pumps per minute is a function of pump RPM only. If the pump rpm is 800 then the pump is moving 36 gpm. If you wanted to exceed the pump...
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    Tire shine drain

    If your new site will use reclaim water then I would recommend you try to have any tire shine chemical runoff go straight to the sewer to keep it out off the reclaim tanks.