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  1. I.B. Washincars

    Lighting questions

    I know it's not fake. My post was about transparency. Just wanted others to know you are affiliated with this company.
  2. I.B. Washincars

    Converting Hamilton 2000 controller to dispense 1.00 tokens instead of quarters

    As Randy said, you’ll need to determine if it is an audit-pro C-2000. It could have been built with it or replaced somewhere in the changers lifetime. The model of the changer is pretty much irrelevant in this case.
  3. I.B. Washincars

    Coin Shortage??????

    I'm guessing, not math...
  4. I.B. Washincars

    Coin Shortage??????

    You buy 10,000 of something for 33¢, sell them each for $1. I call that making 67¢ 10,000 times over.
  5. I.B. Washincars

    Lighting questions

    You are the owner of this company, correct?
  6. I.B. Washincars

    Looking to lease car wash

    Absolutely!!! Just equipping an IBA would easily be 150K. The only way I think this might work is to get used equipment for pennies on the dollar. Express developers are in a race with Dollar General to see who can build the most locations. Many good SS/IBA washes are being torn down for these...
  7. I.B. Washincars

    Used iba vers new

    I’ve bought numerous used machines. They were the same brand that I was already familiar with and had many years under my belt. If I was green or it was something totally different that I was use to, probably not.
  8. I.B. Washincars

    Supplier Pricing

    Yep, that’s a big motivation for me to shop elsewhere.
  9. I.B. Washincars

    Purchasing A Self Service Wash - Advice On Equipment

    He probably does. MW had an auto called Magic Spray 2000, or something like that. I don’t doubt that they may have similarly labeled SS stuff.
  10. I.B. Washincars

    Who says Self Serves are dying?

    In the mid 90s to early 00s many were built in marginal locations and were doomed to failure. So, in a sense, many are dying and perpetuates the impression that SS as a whole is dying. I see that same thing happening with express washes. I wonder how many of their carcasses will dot the...
  11. I.B. Washincars

    If you had an IBA with no heat and wanted to add it, what would you add?

    I had a friend that put a furnace in the equipment room and ducted it out to the bays. He told me that he paid about $1200 for stainless ductwork. I said “Couldn’t you have used 8-10” PVC pipe?”. On his next project, he did just that. I don’t think he ever regretted it for a second.
  12. I.B. Washincars

    New some help with Hamilton Changer project

    I’ve twice been a victim of accessing the harness through the hole. Neither attempt was successful, because I already knew about it from being on the forum. I had the wires firmly secured inside. On one attempt they had such a good hold on the wires they actually pulled one it two. That’s why I...
  13. I.B. Washincars

    New some help with Hamilton Changer project

    The crooks knock the light out and fish the harness out the hole to jackpot the hopper. Whether they succeed or not is irrelevant because they still mangle the harness. The light does not need to be there for the customer. They are as likely to pay attention to it as they do an instruction sign...
  14. I.B. Washincars

    New some help with Hamilton Changer project

    Put the “Out of service” light inside the equipment room. You are the only one that really needs to see it. There is a way for crooks to use it to their advantage. No need to give them that avenue.
  15. I.B. Washincars

    Cat 310 Valves

    I’ve done the “nail” thing and gotten them out as well.
  16. I.B. Washincars

    ACW refund issues.....

    It’s a programming setting in the controller. Or, you could just take one of the wires off.
  17. I.B. Washincars

    Degraded wash quality Touchless carwash

    Water hardness???
  18. I.B. Washincars

    What type of water heater ?

    I saw an 18 year old thread revived a few days ago. Not on this forum though.