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    Truck Wash

    Anyone know about truck washes in here. Looking to build one but can’t seem to find much info on it.
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    Truck Wash

    Looking for a truck wash developer.
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    I’ve recently had 2 ginsan sensotrons go bad in my SS Bays. They both started adding 4 credits per quarter instead of 1. I replaced them and all is good. Can these things be sent in and rebuilt or anyone have a
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    WW Revv

    Anyone have any experience with the Washworld Revv? Looking to upgrade a lower volume site and seems like a decent unit for the money.
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    Softener Salts

    Can you mix different kinds of softener salt? Wanted to hit all the area convenience stores and pick up those sun faded bags of salt. I can’t imagine there’s much of a difference but wanted to ask people with more expietenve than myself. Thanks
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    TM5J to LED6 Help!

    I just tried to update my TM5's to LED6's so I could also install crypto pay in count up mode. It was a disaster to say the least. Now when money is put into bay 1 it comes on and so does bay 3 and vice versa. Bay 2 was operating flawlessly. I wired and verified a hundred times but...
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    LED6 Programming

    I am just getting ready to install my cryptopay units in count up so I went and purchased LED6 timers and the programming guide lacks some information. The factory default is $2 for 4 minutes, I want to set it up for $2.00 for 3 minutes and each additional coin 35 seconds? So do I adjust C: to...
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    Spot Free appears soapy

    When I run my spot free cycle it appears that’s there’s soap coming out of it. Sometimes it’s just a couple seconds and other times it seems to go on for a minute or better. It’s a stand alone line out to the swivel manifold so not sure if it’s really soap or what going on. Anyone else seen...