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  1. Washmee

    Hamilton Bill Validator Repair

    I have some Hamilton 4001 validators that need serviced. Any recommendations?
  2. Washmee

    Cryptopay forcing switch

    I am a current Worldpay customer. I am buying a wash that uses First Data. I was able to gey Worldpay to match the rate that First Data was charging.
  3. Washmee

    Car Washes being flipped for 8 times EBITDA?

    JMoran is dead on with his explanation. These hedge fund guys aren't really gung ho wash operators. They are just investors looking for a return on their money.
  4. Washmee

    I want to hear your stories

    My freshman year of college I needed a part time job. My little brother worked at a local conveyor wash owned by a large oil company, Standard oil(Sohio). Within a few months I was doing the daily reports and after 6 months I was offered the position managing another location. After 3 years as a...
  5. Washmee

    Considering Replacing Express Exterior Conveyor with InBay Automatic Rollover

    Do you offer monthly wash plans at your tunnel? If not you are leaving a bunch of money on the table.
  6. Washmee

    Alaska Cruise

    Randy, you will have a great time on that cruise. We did Alaska last year on Princess and it is a fantastic journey.
  7. Washmee

    Credit Card "All In Fees"

    All in 2.9%
  8. Washmee

    Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

    Your mother wears combat boots. :rolleyes:
  9. Washmee

    Hanna hydraulic pack issue

    Check the coupling between the motor and the pump. It could be slipping.
  10. Washmee

    Water Softener w/ Flek 9500 head, has stopped. Advice

    Clogged or stuck brine valve. Brine valve motor not working.
  11. Washmee

    Money down the drain.....

    Your pump is rated for about 3gpm at 195 psi, so it is highly unlikely at that pressure you are discharging more than 2gpm of reject water. The way those pumps work is the lower the pressure the higher the gpm. Try replacing the pressure gauge on the regulator. Maybe it is giving you a false...
  12. Washmee

    Money down the drain.....

    Did you accidentally install a higher flow pump than your original?
  13. Washmee

    Free Vacuums VS Pay Vacuums

    For some I might suggest reading this book.
  14. Washmee

    Simomiz Hot Wax

    I refuse to use any product that contains carnuba wax in an online application. Carnuba sticks to wiper blades and glass causing a smeary mess on the customers windsheild the first time it rains. It is really bad at night when the customer turns on their wipers and they can't see a thing. I use...
  15. Washmee

    Unlimited Monthly Wash Club

    Sent you a PM.
  16. Washmee

    government wash operations

    Why would they bother with those pesky details Mac? Lol
  17. Washmee

    Sonnys Dryer

    The impellers are designed for a specific rotation direction. On Sonnys blowers you can reverse the side where the outlet is located by dis-assembling the blower. The hard part is removing the impeller from the motor shaft.
  18. Washmee

    Handheld cashier devices -- pros/cons

    That is correct. After a sale is completed a three digit code is created and added to the queue. My salesman writes that number on the windshield of the vehicle. The loader enters that number into the entry terminal and sends the car. Without a valid code there is no way to send a vehicle...
  19. Washmee

    Handheld cashier devices -- pros/cons

    I've been using the PTT's from DRB for about 10 years. I prefer the smaller size of the PTT vs the tablet. They are very durable. Now that the portable printers they use are Bluetooth that eliminated the only issues we ever had when they were WiFi.
  20. Washmee

    Do you give good friends / family free/discounted washes?

    Free washes to lots of people. Like Earl I carry wash coupons around with me and distribute them to other local businesses. I give them to line workers and waitresses at places I frequent. It's a great method of word of mouth advertising. And of course I wash friends and family for free.