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    Vac claws being stolen. Advice?

    I am unfamiliar with GinSan's latch kit. Maybe Dan K will chime in...?
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    Vac claws being stolen. Advice?

    4 of my vacs are brand new. The other 6 work great, outside of an occasional gummed up line. Claws are stolen most often on the 4 new vacs
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    Coin Shortage??????

    I thought you were like a moderator or somethin? You need to grow up to, or get somebody else to moderate this site. Im done with you 2.
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    Coin Shortage??????

    By my calcs, the tokens were $3500 & loss was $3300= nearly $7000 loss, while I had the same business yet didn't spend/lose $7000. Looks to me MEP,, like you're both a smart A$$ & a dumb A$$. And yes Im a teacher & a coach, & I make a difference in the lives of my kids/players. Had 1 call me...
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    Hamilton’s New Pay station the “Commander”

    What Im talkin about, is giving some people in town a free wash coupon. I should have clarified. But, can you give a free wash code that is redeemable ONLY 1x? Maybe that is the way to go...?
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    Bought Fragramatics Quad vac from GetnBusy

    I must say it has been a HUGE Success!! After about 6 weeks it does $14.75/day. Payback in 7 mos!!! Yes, the other vacs are makin a lil less, but is definitely up in the vac area. So much so I am buying a 2nd one to put in.
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    Hamilton’s New Pay station the “Commander”

    How do you do those?
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    Coin Shortage??????

    Wouldn't that be losing $3300/yr? That's quite a bit...
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    What do car wash service companies charge?

    Have u not paid attention to what I've put on here? You & I so had this conversation face2face a few yrs ago.
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    New Truck Wash Manager

    Thanks Mac
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    Lighting questions

    Nope, we need OUTDOOR waterrpoof LEDs. Your company does not seem yo have that
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    Hamilton’s New Pay station the “Commander”

    Looks like you can do free wash codes? That is what REALLY sucks on GoldLine & WS ll so far! Matter of fact, I can't see how those 2 payststions can't get that done. That is an absolute MUST HAVE!
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    Vac claws being stolen. Advice?

    Cleaning out every single night may be our best option They come by about 1;30---3:30am every night. NONE of em have cars. Not sure how they get their dope. I thought about putting some grass snakes or water snakes in them a few nights in a row...🤔🤨
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    Vac claws being stolen. Advice?

    But they're even stealing them off our 2 new vacs. How'd you get the people from getting in the cleanouts? That is literally 365 days/yr, w/out exception! We put locks & they cut em, put tough lovks & they pried their way in. So we let em grt in every night, & they oblige us!😰😡
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    Vac Cuff on Vac Hose

    Good thread. I missed the part about scuffing them up before applying Gorilla Glue
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    Vac claws being stolen. Advice?

    We're gaving vac claws stolen, 3x/week. Any advice? Poluce won't help on piddly $3 items
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    Coin Shortage??????

    Ive noticed qrtrs are leaving our washes in droves. Barely have enough qrtrs to make it. Any advice? Maybe turn off bill changer nightly, for a week or 2?
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    Customer complains that ss high pressure removed clear coat. Help me respond plz

    Usually happens when folks are trying to remove bugs or tsr. Even happened to MY OWN DAUGHTER'S car, @ OUR wash.
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    Best tunnel equipment?

    Who makes the best overall tunnel equipment? Is therr anyone who is considered the best? Or maybe top 2? Who has the most expensive, & least? Least amount of maintenance & issues?
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    Need Advice: getting whipped by Competitor's SS....

    Just saw this, & the fact I started this thread 4 years ago... 2 yr into owning this wash. Thank the Lord I was able to sell this wash, & the guy who bought itnalso bought the other wash. He makea good $$, but not great. I was able to buy the ONLY 2 washes in the next town over. They're...