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    Free Vacuums VS Pay Vacuums

    We are thinking about updating/renovating our existing self serve vacuums. We are currently using JE Adams individual vacuums. We offer a free vacuum token to customers who purchase a wash but everyone else who comes to use the vacs has to pay. We are thinking about purchasing the vacuum...
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    ICS Tunnel Master Jr Output Timing Issue

    We are using an ICS Tunnel Master Jr. controller. We are experiencing timing issues only when cars are sent back to back through the wash tunnel. If one car is sent one at a time with a space between cars (like on a slow day), all of the outputs turn on and off at the right time. On busy days...
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    Car Wash Show 2018

    Anyone attending the Car Wash Show this year in Vegas? It would be nice to meet some of you kind folks who have helped me out throughout the years on this forum!
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    Chain Speed In Relation to Tunnel Length and Type of Wash

    Trying to get an idea of what other washes are setting as their chain speed in relation to their tunnel length and type of wash: How long is your tunnel? What is your chain speed set in cars per hour? What type of wash - Exterior Express, Flex, or Full Service
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    Drying Agent

    Can you tell me the following: 1. What brand/type of drying agent are you currently using? 2. How much product are you applying per car in ounces? 3. What is your cost per car for drying agent?
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    Recommended Cars Per Hours for 120 Foot Wash Tunnel

    What is the recommended CPH for a 140 foot wash tunnel with the following equipment package in the NorthEast: 1. 2 Sets of Wrap Around Brushes 2. Triple Set Of Mitters (2 Front to Back, 1 Side to Side) 3. 1 Set of Side Brushes 4. 1 Set of Rocker Panels Brushes 5. 1 Set of Pendulum Wheel...
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    Emptying Conveyor Trench

    How often do you empty your conveyor trench? Do you have a company come and pump the mud or do you do the service in house? How much are you paying if you do it though a company?
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    Recommended Order For Following

    What is the "recommended" order of application to a vehicle for the following products: 1. Rain X 2. Drying Agent 3. Sealer Wax 4. Final Rinse
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    Getting A Dryer Vehicle

    Does anyone currently use a Buff and Dry system (Top Brush and/or Wrap Around Brushes) at the exit end after their blowers to dry vehicles? We want to try and get a dryer vehicle without slowing down our conveyor. We are currently set to 120 CPH with a 120 foot wash tunnel. We are able to get...
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    Heated Water For Wash Tunnel - ?

    How many operators use a hot water supply package to heat the water for their chemicals in their wash tunnel? What applications do you use the heated water for? Do you use heated water all year round? Is there a significant increase in water price? Does it make a big difference?
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    Clean, Re Paint, and Balance Blower Impellars

    Has anyone painted their blower impellers? If so, what type of paint did you use? Did you clean the impeller before painting? We are thinking about using a sand blaster to clean our impellers before painting them. We then plan on attempting to balance them with a wheel balancer to address...
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    Removing Links From Wash Tunnel Chain

    We have been noticing that we are having to remove links out of our wash tunnel chain more frequently lately. Initially it seemed as though we were removing links from the chain every 3 months but lately we have been having to remove links within 4 to 6 weeks. Anyone have any idea why this is...
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    RFID Sticker / Tag

    For the operators that are using RFID stickers for their Unlimited Wash Clubs, where are you purchasing your replacement RFID stickers? We have been purchasing them from ICS but wanted to know if there was a vendor who offered a better price. If you purchase the RFID stickers from a different...
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    DS Rear Tire Rotating Wrong Direction

    What are reasons why the driver side rear wheel would be rotating in the opposite direction when getting pushed by a car wash roller? I have CCTV footage of a vehicle that went through our wash tunnel where the DS rear wheel is rotating in the opposite direction of travel before it hops all 3...
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    Cross Promoting Profit Centers

    Anyone doing a good job cross promoting services at your car wash? We are a flex serve car wash with a separate 8 bay garage that does full auto repair and full details. The automotive repair part has been part of the business for the last 5 years but a lot of the general public still view it...
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    Fleet Account Creation

    For the car washes that have a large amount of Fleet Accounts. Do you have someone go actively pursue creating new fleet accounts? Any specific approach or package that you presented that seemed to work better for you? How much are you discounting off of washes for fleet accounts? One of our...
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    Cylinder Pin Breaking - PS Sonny's Wrap Around Brush

    I am having an issue where I am having to replace the wrap around retract actuator cylinder pin due to it breaking and/or coming loose from the housing. The metal pin slides into the opening hole vertically in the metal frame with black rubber biscuits in between. I have had to replace the pin...
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    Airless Paint Sprayer to Repaint Exterior of Car Wash Building

    Does anyone have any experience or recommendations on what airless paint sprayer would be best to repaint the exterior of a building? We are planning on repainting the exterior of our car wash and was looking for some recommendations?
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    Tunnel Car Wash Maintenance Checklist - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

    Does anyone have a good car wash TUNNEL maintenance checklist they would like to share for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly? There are some floating around online but a lot of them aren't very detailed or don't relate to tunnel washes. Thanks!
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    Highest Volume / Most Expensive Car Wash Properties in US

    What are some of the highest volume sites that you know of throughout the US? What are some of the most expensive car wash properties that you know of within the US?