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    I've seen photos of pallets of bricks here in Delaware. Two pallets are two blocks from where a protest will be held at noon this Friday. Since this is happening in various states across our country you know somebody big is behind it. This is way passed the George Floyd issue.
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    Kleen Rite Website trouble

    Kleen Rite's sales reps are working from home.
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    Autec thoughts...?

    I understand Tom Hobby has been gone from Autec since November. New owner/CEO is Vic Keller.
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    wow, has Sonny's changed

    Most will connect you even if you don't press 1. And anyone that forces me to press 1 gets an ear full about it.
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    Why is Kleen-Rite Shipping so much?

    They do offer FEDEX.
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    Need IVS vacuum door key.

    Could it have been AH1? Had one a couple years ago. Will look for it tomorrow.
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    Alternative Uses for SS Car Wash Building

    One by me is a four bay auto repair shop.
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    Kleen-rite free shipping offer?

    30KS Over $750.00 order.
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    Goodbye 2016!!!!

    I'm sorry for your loss Jim.
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    Ryko service

    Why hasn't Ryko jumped in here? Years ago one call to the late Dale Hartman would have had a tech enroute from the distributor or from Grimes, Iowa.
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    Do you think they will ask the refugees if they can drive a truck? Is anyone still living in Syria? Can't be many left.
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    WASHBOT unit- finally a new technology to the carwash industry

    Tried to load youtube. Didn't work for me.
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    My heart is breaking

    I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine your family's pain. Remember the good times.
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    Equipment Identification

    Looks like a Unitec EnterLink. You will have to hunt for parts as Unitec no longer has parts for them. Ebay may have something. Good luck.
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    Lifting a 600# washing machine or similar object onto a pickup tailgate or bed?

    Come on Mike, two guys lifting three 600 pound machines?? Look around and rent a truck with a lift gate. I know Penske has them so there must be others. Most rental box trucks have ramps for loading heavy or large items. Save your guys' backs.
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    ATlantic City show

    Going Wednesday.
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    Is there a classified section on this site?

    Scroll down to Pre-owned Equipment & Supplies
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    Truck Wash

    Years ago a fellow built a truck wash right next to large truck stop in New Jersey. We installed a friction machine and a touchfree machine and several high pressure wand gun stations. They had a waiting room for the drivers and a bunk room for the employees. But after a couple years the place...
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    Glass Building for IBA

    Contact Russell Caldwell. . He makes first class glass buildings.