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    Want to Lease my car washes

    Sell now, you’ll never pay lower capital gains rates.
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    Perserverance pays

    A friend of mine had the same thing with the air box blockage issue in a Hyundai Santa Fe. Mechanic kept the grass, twigs and nearly a full jar of nuts to show him. He was blown away and spent two days tracking down a hole in his garage. Cheap fix and a similarly good result.
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    Pre-Soak a waste of time on friction?

    [QUOTE="soonermajic, post: 142860, Cars come out clean dry shiny & laint is slick as a hand wax job sounds like you’re done
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    Pre-Soak a waste of time on friction?

    Sooner I think you answered your own question - if no difference in results then less product cost and more importantly quicker wash cycle. Win-win if it works for you.
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    Another “incident”

    Might check with your insurance carrier to see if they might pay then go after Allstate. We had something similar happen and that’s what we had to do. The opposing insurance carrier suddenly found their checkbook once ours got involved.
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    Ceramic wax

    Well I don’t use either product as of now so figured I’d ask to see what the difference was, my apologies for asking such a stupid question. I guess I’ll get back to stepping over those dollars I have lying around. Geez.
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    What's best option for my potential site?

    What is feasible is largely dependent on costs of the project. Too many unknowns to make a reasonable guess. No water/sewer for a car wash is not a good start though.
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    Ceramic wax

    So for a touchless IBA what would an estimated per car cost be for ceramic vs rain x type product?
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    New tunnel wash on well and septic system

    My dad ran a tunnel for years that was supplied by well water but he discharged into city sewer. Can’t imagine how you’d do that part.
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    Chem Reps

    Try asking some washes in beckley, Princeton or bluefield who they use. You’re far enough away that they shouldn’t mind sharing.
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    How are you all doing?

    Reported to sheriff with license pic
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    How are you all doing?

    Got first bit of attempted break in to cashiers since Covid started. Guy was a complete idiot and backed in - license plate easily visible. Doubt he’ll be back, ha.
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    LLC partnership and SBA Covid money

    You can get a ppp loan as a sole proprietor or partnership. It’s too lengthy to add here but search the term interim final guidance for ppp and you can find out more.
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    post-corona advertising ideas?

    Clean and sanitize - covers it all
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    Small business loan

    Soapy - I thought the ppp loan was average monthly payroll x 2.5? Wonder how you’re only approved for 2.0? Sounds odd but hey an approval is something in this mess.
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    Small business loan

    The shutdown of applications is likely due to problems the sba has with its systems not being able to handle the volume. Why keep taking apps you can’t process?
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    Small business loan

    Sba site down large part of the day today. Applications overwhelming the system - good luck out there!
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    Carwash Closings

    Swine flu infected way more people than Covid 19 but Covid will have a much higher mortality rate.
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    Carwash Closings

    Attorney General's office sends cease-and-desist letter to Portage car wash
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    Small business loan

    How to Obtain an SBA Coronavirus PPP Loan and Have It Forgiven