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    I have Cryptopay on four ACW 4's and have been very happy with the system. I was wondering if anyone has ever installed Cryptopay on a Goldline and kept the Goldline receipt printer. I understand the receipt printer will not work with Cryptopay but I wondered if you programmed the Goldline to...
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    Goldline with Graphic Display

    I am considering purchasing a Goldline with the 5.7 inch graphic display. Does anyone who has experience with them have any input? Do they fade out over time and have to be replaced? Thanks in advance for the help. Doug P.
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    Wesumat Hub Scrub Motor

    I just bought a new motor for the hubscrub on my wesumat softwash, it was $1423.89. This has been a very expensive machine to maintain. Anyone have a cheaper source for this motor? I am assuming the other side will go out in the near future. Doug P.
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    Hamilton ACW Credit Card Reliability

    I purchased 2 new Hamilton ACW's with the credit card option in 1999. The credit card part of the machines were a disaster. I replaced them with WashGear a few years ago and the Washgear system has been very reliable and a great company to work with. I also bought 2 new Unitec WSII's in 2003...
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    TN car washes for sale

    While browsing the web I found where a TN car wash chain was selling all 43 of it's self serve /automatic car washes. It was very interesting to see the pics and prices of their locations. It is listed on . I also noticed a few months ago where the Wonderwash chain was...