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    Anybody using Slot Drains?

    Got a look in the equipment room last week and found out that there's space on the pump rack for another two pumps. So thinking that would make it a little better to add a bay to the outside for larger vehicles. Found the slot drain system while tinkering around and looking to get pros and...
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    IBA Choices for 14' 4" Bay

    I've been browsing around and looking for potential IBA candidates for these narrow bays. I really like the hybrid concepts where the customer can choose between a soft touch or touchless. Issue that I think I'm facing is going to be that the bays are 14' 4" wide. I think that's going to be...
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    SS, Laundromat with Reclaim

    Researching options for producing additional revenue out of the property. I understand reclaim isn't worth it for selfserve bays because of too many variables. I'm envisioning adding a laundromat with reclaim of the wash water and was interested in the possibility of whether the reclaim from...
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    WashCard Baystation vs Alternatives

    For those following from my original post about purchasing my first wash, I want to thank you for your words of caution and advice. I've been able to develop a rough business plan and am still researching to figure out what numbers work. One of the comments made was if I was going to go for...
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    Electrostatic Future?

    My regular job is hospital environmental management. Researching what I can to make the most informed decision I can regarding options to get into this industry, I'm finding myself trying to relate what I'm already familiar with. I'm also the techy one at work and suggesting new equipment and...
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    6 SS Bay for First Investment

    Looking at a 6 SS bay, 8 vacuum station car wash across the street from my house. On a 1 acre property with the car wash only taking half of it. Owner said he nets roughly 8k a year, and asking 90k and possibly coming down more for the right purchase. He said he bought it as his retirement...