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    What's best option for my potential site?

    What the heck is "restored" water?
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    Tire shine.... Is it worth adding?

    It's the most high-maintenance piece of equipment in the tunnel. Some call it a necessary evil. Personally, I took mine out of my tunnels because it was doing more harm than good to my reputation. It did ok on "regular" size tires, but couldn't dress the entire side of a large truck tire...
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    Unlimited Wash Packages

    Totally different scenario with a tunnel wash that can process over 100+ cars per hour.
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    Etowah Valley Old Faithful Vendor

    Resurrecting this thread. I want to add some more vending, so I'm considering this unit. Any updates? My requirements are wall mounted, minimal depth, vandal-proof as much as possible. Any other recommendations? I see KR has some options, but I recall hearing some complaints about them.
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    Conveyor advice

    I seen/read about a lot of operators switching to Motor City conveyors. You might try getting a quote from them.
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    CarWash Superstore

    How are items determined if they are part of the free shipping membership or not? For instance, conveyor rollers. Free ship or no?
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    Damage claim from dryer

    You have proof of prior existing damage. End of story. She can't jump up and down and yell all she wants. Get ready for a 1 star yelp review though.
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    Ceramic wax

    Sheesh, guys. Progress and change are always on the horizon. Ceramic products are the current "hot item". Were some of you guys so against the Rain-X products when they were introduced last decade? It's a new chemical option that customers can see/feel for themselves that will make you more...
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    Looking to build a conveyor tunnel wash with a water reclaim.

    Yes, here in CA, recycle systems are required. They're a "necessary evil", as they say. I'm probably going to go with a Sobrite system in my next wash that I'm building.
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    What's difference in EE & tunnel?

    You sure those traffic counts are correct? I've never heard of low cpd numbers in front of a wal mart.
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    Ceramic wax

    I'm using Ceramic Sealant from T&E sales; it's half the price of Simonize ceramic. I am using it in my tunnel. Created a new top package, and sell it alacart as a $5 add-on. I'm not using it in my SS bays. I recently installed a Rain-X foam gun in my bays though. You guys with IBA's should...
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    Ceramic wax

    You guys should try it before you poo-poo it. It is not the same thing as professionally applied ceramic coatings for $600, but it is def a step up from a rain repellant. SI02 is the active ingredient. It def enhances shine and water literally falls off the car. My problem with it is that...
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    New tunnel wash on well and septic system

    You asked a question, and you received many responses. The fact that most are discouraging you to embark on this project should tell you something. As a newbie, there are myriad questions that you don't know the answers to and many more things that you don't know that you don't know. I've...
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    New tunnel wash on well and septic system

    Newbie. First tunnel. No water. No sewer. Well water. Reclaim. Yikes. Good luck.
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    What's difference in EE & tunnel?

    Tire shine machines don't work well period.
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    What's difference in EE & tunnel?

    I can help you, but as distributor such as Big Man could help you more. First off DO NOT tell anyone where this location is until you have it under contract; especially a distributor. Otherwise it can easily be swiped from underneath you. A rectangular lot in front of a wal mart is usually as...
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    Question on count up...

    Do you get complaints from customers who forgot to push the button?
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    Question on count up...

    Always do Count Up. I set my max price at $19, and I get tons of them.
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    Who’s installing Ceramic Coatings?

    Wal Mart!