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    Checking PH in there Soap.

    Does anyone check there ph in there Soaps or Presoak and do you use a PH Tester or With Drops.
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    Foam brush problrms

    I'm running Quest foam brush 240 to 1
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    Lustra 030, 505

    Sure some Municipalities add Ammonia to there chlorine to enhance the strength of it . Ask your local Water Municipal.
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    Lustra 030, 505

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    LW 4000

    I have a factory install manual.
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    LW 4000

    Hell Yeah ! Thank you
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    LW 4000

    I have an install manual
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    Looking for used automatic

    Why did you choose that equipment?
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    LW 4000

    Really Junk?
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    Sewer Jetter

    From my research with the sewer jetter the more you spend on the nozzle the better the quality. Going to go look at some nozzles tomorrow at a manufacturer tomorrow. I'm running about 125 ft.
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    Sewer Jetter

    Anyone make there own Sewer Jetter. I made one from an old 3500psi pressure washer using 3/8 250ft jettter hose with standard jetter nozzle works pretty good on our 6inch Sewer line.Trying to find some different nozzles anyone have any recommendations
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    How to find Employees

    Sometimes the little local churchs.Have bulletin boards where you can post stuff like that.
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    Reputable Collection Agency

    30 miles West of Houston.
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    Reputable Collection Agency

    Anyone have any recommendations of a good collection agency?Thanks
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    Husky vs Harbor Freight small compressor comparison

    Thanks very interesting.
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    Foam generator media problem

    Have any pics ?
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    D&S IQ Self-Serve Equipment

    Wow a customer just installed a D&S last year not very impressive have to agree with MEP.
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    Chemical Costs

    What brand of TC?