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    Forgive my ignorance but how / where is it connected to?
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    Cryptopay and additional services

    It is a "Mag Tech" swper which was sent to me by World Pay. It plugs into the I pad and uses the Mercury Pay App.
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    Source please.
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    Cryptopay and additional services

    When they made the world pay switch I asked wprldpay about some options. My Tunnel has a different swiper / chip reader on the same worldpy account a r and they sent me free of charge another swiper that plugs into an I Pad and processes over my Wi Fi. using the Worldpy App.
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    Mixed denomination Bill Counter

    Update - Returning the Royal Sovereign. Too Temperamental if Bills are not pristine. Keeps giving duplicate or cannot read codes.
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    FWIW Cashless Concern Shared

    I got lost somewhere. On the one hand you had an issue with the internet being down (been there) . Thankfully Cryptopay can help solve this and although I don't use it some providers like Comcast will sell you a back up system. As far as betting the farm ... I have a spare swiper for...
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    Best Auto Drain Water Separator?

    The 2 -4th Section here has automtic drains. McMaster May have other brands as well. Sorry link takes you to main page. Click on Brand an review specs for auto drain.
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    Diskin Air Shamee II Boom Recomendation

    By the time you get done with all the experimentation and Fab you probably saved little over just buying the elbow from KR.
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    Diskin Air Shamee II Boom Recomendation

    I do't know how that will hold up being yanked on in all sorts of temperatures.
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    Topaz float valve problems???

    Gave up on all but this. Keep a spare and rebuild kit on shelf. Lasts a year or two, then I swap out the unit for the spare and rebuild and order new kit .
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    Diskin Air Shamee II Boom Recomendation

    I have the three phase for a few years now. No issues. Got Diskin Boom from KR. Later ordered the 90 degree elbow because hose was breaking where it attached to boom and bent. Since then no issues.
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    Foamy brush spits

    Many Variables. Do you use foam generators? They may need cleaning. What are Pressures set at. If you use flo jets set air to pump at 40 and Air to make foam at 10. Make small air adjustments and see how that works out.
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    Pressure and nozzle size

    I run a little over 100o PSI for regular bays and a little over 1200 for Superbays.
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    Same here.
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    Mixed denomination Bill Counter

    I bought that one for $1250 on Amazon. Like it. Too early to tell if there are any durability issues.
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    New island machine options

    Not sure what "Getting Tired" means. Most machines unless smashed up can be made to look and perform like new with Cleaning, decals and new parts for a lot less than replacing. Tire inflation may be a good addition. Don't expect revenue to be the same as a Vac.
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    Count up $
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    Perfect chemical mix?

    1. Lo PH Cleaning solutions. 2. Make sure care is rinsed well before applying any drying agent. 3. Don't know what climate you are in but try warming the DA and Setting for better effect.
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    What function should I add to my bays?

    If I did not have the hour meters my estimate of how much they were used would have been a lot lower than what it is.
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    Bad reviews

    Had one review claim female cashier was rude, Told yelp it must have been for some other business since we don't any female employees. They refused to remove it. Magic words when they call me to advertise "Remove me from your call list".