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    Presoak on triple foam gun

    I had put a 5 gal Extreme on, but with the low-pressure part of the presoak not working it went through it really fast and it still didn't clean. I put a barrel of their DuoClean in for both high-pressure and presoak and it's lasting and works well. If we keep this lease, I might pull a new...
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    Booster Pump

    The stainless pump won't last any longer pumping RO water. The only advantage is that it can be rebuilt over and over, but the kit or having it repaired by Procon costs more than a new brass pump.
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    Saving a few $$ with Zoro Tools

    He probably thought the "m" at the end meant it was just for Mike.
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    Yet Another Spray Tip/Pressure Thread

    I use the 25055, it's not on their site. Here's the 2506:
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    Booster Pump

    You can loop the bypass back to the inlet of the pump, I just prefer to send it to the tank. With a good contactor and a 1 or 2 second delay you hopefully won't have it sticking on, but if it does the pump will crater if it runs all night circulating the bypass. I've seen it many times, in...
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    Booster Pump

    I recommend a Procon 2500 series: You'll need a bypass regulator that will adjust to a low pressure. I use this one...
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    The antenna on a wifi switch. The antenna unscrews from it like a coax cable.
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    6 SS Bay for First Investment

    I'm planning on starting a program like that, but I'll need to win the lottery first.
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    LW 4000

    A Laser 4000 will require a licensed electrician to install if it will be inspected for code.
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    Presoak on triple foam gun

    My wash has presoak split off to presoak and "Bug Off" functions. Very few use the presoak. My foam brushes get worn out in about six months. IMO most presoaks are too expensive to use as a bay soap. They either don't clean well or don't produce enough show at a dilution that's...
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    CC only Vending?

    It would most likely be less money paid to CC companies than spent on damage caused by a break-in. I assume he's all CC now, if I thought I could operate a wash that way I'd go cashless on vending too.
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    Mixed denomination Bill Counter

    That sucks. Friend of mine had the cheapest Royal Sovereign counter from Sam's and it worked well. I would have thought that a unit which costs ten times as much would have worked too.
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    KR- Excessive Shipping Charges

    Sometimes that's for speed, sometimes it's because the manufacturer refuses to ship anything to Kleen-Rite for them to sell because they mishandle them and return them for credit.
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    Shallco Rotary

    You probably left off the jumper between positions 11 and 21 on the switch.
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    Carolina Pride exhorbitant freight charges

    FWIW you'll pay twice at a UPS store what you will with a basic UPS online account, which you can sign up for free.
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    KR- Excessive Shipping Charges

    I've had a few orders come from Kleen-Rite that could easily have been mailed, but they shipped UPS instead. I'm sure a lot of it is the warehouse people not caring (They mostly hire temp agency workers) but I would think if you request it be mailed they'd probably do it. Evidently they don't...
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    Cryptopay and additional services

    They don't, but you can always use the same merchant service for Cryptopay and a Square device.
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    FLOJET G57 pump with Parker check valve

    Posting in the correct sub-forum is more about getting your post seen by the right audience than it is about where you're supposed to put it. Good thinking on checking the solenoid plunger.
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    Carolina Pride exhorbitant freight charges

    A lot. The last time I shipped a 4" x 4" x 48" box with two foam brush handles in it to someone, it was $68 shipping. That was with a commercial rate account to a commercial address only an hour away.