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    Now is the time to file police reports against Jim Lewis Car Wash Canopies

    Unless he is in your area local cops likely won't do anything. You could try your state attorney General Fraud unit or if mail was used at all Postal Inspector fraud unit.
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    60 Ft Peco Tunnel

    IMO spot free for a tunnel is a waste of $ because there will likely be moisture trapped in rain Channels and behind moldings and SF won't eliminate issue of spotting from this.
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    Finally a credit card reader that accepts tap and chip cards

    Can't say I know what your issue is but I have 12 in service. * have been in service since I tool over the location 20+ years ago and the other 4 I added to Vacs a few years ago. So far I can't recall one failing. Since I am just outside Chicago the environment is brutal.
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    The next big thing for Self Service bays?

    I guess f you need to conserve room but I think it more convenient to be able to just walk all the way round the bike and I could see a lot of splash back off the back wall.
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    FRP wall panels

    Had a contractor do this in a Tunnel after some damage. Been 6 years and so far so good. I know car washes generally drill and use rivets but not sure adhesive is a bad idea.
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    Need all new equipment, everything !! Bought a closed down car wash in Pasadena, Texas

    And dingbats who ill use the wand to tap on the screen.
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    We just got graphene at our wash. How does it work?

    With any luck it will boost your bottom line. I really do not know how much attraction it holds for the general population or more importantly your customer base.
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    Finally a credit card reader that accepts tap and chip cards

    IMO the LED 7 Timer provides all the information the credit card user would want. It displays a running count as well as total at the end.
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    Lexus vs Car wash

    Check Owner Manual for that year make and model with instructions for using Automatic Car Washes. Many models these days instruct to fold mirrors. If it says that and Owner did not Fold I deny claim for any issue. Next watch cars go thru and if see if wrap shaft is too close to cover. Plus...
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    Crypto analytics…

    If you had this data how would you use it?
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    Hydrominder Screens on inlet?

    Made mistake of removing and had headaches with debris messing up operation. Don't know what type of hose you have feeding the hydrominder but I used 1/2" braided. I found 1/2" Barbed Male hose end fittings at Mc Master Carr and ordered enough to do all Hydrominders (Had trouble...
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    Hydrominder Screens on inlet?

    To clean without damage. 1. Don't remove the screen. Unscrew where the 3/8" fitting goes in to the valve and then blow out in direction opposite to water flow then screw back in. 2. If you must remove screen to try without damages still unscrew at valve and use a small bolt or top of pen to...
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    JE Adams Coin Deposit Air Machine "No Air Pressure"

    Use an "Open Chuck" makes startup easier on compressor.
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    CarWatch last minute support before update

    How nice for DRB to end support but not be able to give you upgrade for 8 weeks.
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    JE Adams Coin Deposit Air Machine "No Air Pressure"

    I had Thomas and Gast that lasted for 10 years or more. Been using the harbor freight unit for several years. I do recall it was a PITA to try to adapt the fitting that wasn't typical 1/4"
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    Dual conveyer belt reverse operation

    The system is like a moving sidewalk at an airport or an escalator. The equipment cannot make cars get closer together or further apart. You need to get cameras ASAP Too many variables - I have seen the following happen - Rear Car in Drive, Lead car in reverse., Lead car stops at exit etc.
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    Best Card Payment Acceptor

    I use Cryptopay. No tap yet. Already had LED 7s in Bays so that was an easy install. I had to get software updated on a couple timers. 1/2 the vacuums done later since I had to change the timers as well.
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    JE Adams Coin Deposit Air Machine "No Air Pressure"

    I used something like this. Just took compressor off the tank. If I recall correctly there were some goofy size fittings I had to adapt.
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    JE Adams Coin Deposit Air Machine "No Air Pressure"

    You can try a compressor from Harbor freight BUT. 1. Make sure it will fit cabinet. 2. Make sure it is "Oilless" 3. You can easily adapt any fittings to fit a 1/4" hose. I don't know how much use your until gets but if you think about it they only run for 4 minutes at a time...
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    JE Adams Coin Deposit Air Machine "No Air Pressure"

    1 Open Cabinet - Let it run and put finger over tip and listen for air leaks. Also try to disconnect hose at compressor and put finger over outlet to see if you have good pressure. (If pressure is good it will be difficult to impossible to hold finger there. 2. Some compressors have a filter...