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  1. Roz

    Package bundle options

    Printed at the Paystation in one location via an ICS sentry. Via my Hamilton based app at another location. If someone does a chargeback on either system before using all their washes we can void the remaining washes. That said we are fortunate to have few if any chargebacks. Now and then...
  2. Roz

    Package bundle options

    None. Cannot live in fear as chargebacks are always possible.
  3. Roz

    Package bundle options

    We sell a lot of washbooks in both our locations. Buy 5 get 6th free or buy 10 get 2 free.
  4. Roz

    The next big thing for Self Service bays?

    Traveling in Europe and came across this mountain bike wash. Bikers already wash their bikes and equipment in our SS bays but this is a very simple small system that looked cool.
  5. Roz

    Is an alkaline booster necessary

    Titration is interesting for comparing to another wash but there are variables such as the injector you are using (ChemFlex vs Rocket) and the color of the injector for flow rate. At the end of the day I watch cars coming out of my Razors and Profile for maybe 10-15 vehicles. I look at them...
  6. Roz

    Hamilton Goldline IDTECH cc retrofit

    We built a version of the Hamilton App for memberships and special deals. We have about 1000 people on our app. Works most of the time. Sometimes the scanner has been an issue but I think Hamilton found the firmware bug as things have been smoother lately.
  7. Roz

    Show me your wash

    Wow very nice curb appeal! odd that you are only washing 20cpd. I assume you have a large sign on the road? People are not observant or read anything longer than two words (Car Wash). Perhaps you hire a local kid to do your social media. Check to see how your online search listings look. See...
  8. Roz

    Nayax Credit Card Reader

    Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated!
  9. Roz

    Nayax Credit Card Reader

    Nayax credit card reader with MDB cord for a vending machine. Worked when removed. We just are moving away from Nayax. No idea if it will work for anyone else. You may need to confirm with Nayax as I heard that it will work and someone else said they do not allow devices to move. $100 plus...
  10. Roz

    Chemicals to improve car wash results

    If a touch free wash then cleaning outcome varies based on chemicals used, dilution strength, speed of application as that affects dwell time and strength, dwell/soak time, and how close your rinse arm gets to the vehicle. That's why two people can operate the same carwash with very different...
  11. Roz

    Hamilton DAN credit card boxes for SS

    Four Hamilton DAN credit card boxes with swipers. All worked when we upgraded to Tap CryptoPay. $1000 each.
  12. Roz

    Ginsan GS-403 timers.

    Five GS-403 timers. All worked when we upgraded vacs to Dixmor. $100 each.
  13. Roz

    Ginsan Meter Box Panels

    Four ginsan meter box panels. They have GS-400 timers. coin mech only. All worked perfectly when we upgraded the bays with new meter boxes. Rotary selectors. $1000 each or $3800 for all four. Buyer pays for shipping. New cost is approx $2500.
  14. Roz

    Slugbuster 3

    New Parker Slugbuster 3 model P-83 short drop. Never used. Was a spare for meter boxes we sold. $170 plus $15 shipping.
  15. Roz

    Dencar self serve credit card system coming soon

    Do your research on Monex. A lot of unhappy customers have posted about them.
  16. Roz

    Chemicals to improve car wash results

    Chemical strength or dilution is the key to cleaning and providing a good show. None of the chemicals we tested in the last decade ever work well at the dilution rates mentioned on the manufacturer’s label. Always need to be much stronger to get the desired outcomes. The dilution rates on...
  17. Roz

    Long Bay Petit

    Looks like a nice design. Was it impossible to get a second bay or a cost concern?
  18. Roz

    Hamilton Goldline IDTECH cc retrofit

    Interesting I expect that Hosted Solutions will still show the reports online and on the phone. how long did it take to install? I think it is 6 screws inside the door and disconnecting some wires and connecting the new wires.
  19. Roz

    Dencar Technology Retrofit Doors (ACW Goldline)

    Greg. Too many wash owners just look at the revenue and not at all the costs associated with a wash. Water, sewer, chemicals, repairs, electric, gas. If we do a monthly plan we would charge 3x a single wash and cap the number of washes per month at 5 or 6. Even then I am not convinced that a...