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    Super 5000 troubles

    They don’t sound related. The limits on that machine are detected on the floor of passenger side. There are two pieces of metal on floor, one at entrance and one at exit. Make 100% sure there is not a piece of metal somewhere on floor. Run the machine to front and rear and make sure prox is...
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    Super 5000 troubles

    Is your floor limit prox working correctly? There are no magnets or metal laying on floor in the path of the prox right? . I have done a few service calls and found a bolt or magnet laying on floor causing machine to be confused. Check the carriage encoded as well. It seems like that was...
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    Super 5000 troubles

    Are you saying the carriage or the gantry runs to the end of the track? Does it happen on any wash package? Programming been changed?
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    Magic Wand C6100

    We changed those to flojet pumps over the years at all locations over the years. They work just fine but you loose the ability to recirculate hot chemical out to the machine. I can't imagine saving any money on power swapping that motor out to 3 phase.
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    D&S 5000

    I will be pulling one out in a couple of weeks in southeast missouri. Would be happy to load it straight to your trailer for $10,000. It is still open and washing cars for the next 2-3 weeks. Feel free to call me at 573-979-3423. (Steve)
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    Super 5000 troubles

    That gantry encoder never seems to be the issue in my experience as long as it is counting forward and backward with similiar results forward and reverse. Is your sonar still active or have you tied it in with the safety eyes? We did that a couple of years ago with no negative affects.
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    Super 5000 troubles

    Just curious, did you ever find a solution. I have a couple of these super 5000's that we fight every once in a while. Tough to find anyone with any expertise on this machine. If you havent figured out I can suggest a couple of things to look at.
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    Unitec Wash Select Batching Issues

    Unitec recommends only a plain old telephone line for dial up. We fought a VOIP line for dialup for a year or so before we gave up and installed a traditional line. Problems went away. On another note, if this is even a remotely successful site you should go ahead and upgrade to high speed...
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    Vacuum Motor "Upgrade" for strongest suck

    I once had a customer who bought 4 brand new 3 motor vacs to replace his 2 motor vacs. He called one day telling me had several complaints from people that the new ones had too much suction. Basically he said the nozzle had so much suction it was hard to move it over the carpet smoothly. Not...
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    Mter Box install cost

    4" grinder with a diamond blade is great but we typically combine that with a concrete saw rental. For six bays well worth the $100 rental in my opinion. Personally, I have done a bunch of these but I have a pretty reasonable block mason I work with now that can do it and I can keep service...
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    Ballpark figure for hooking up 3 gang blowdryers + 1 Air Shammee

    I would have an issue with a $3000 estimate and then get a bill for $8000. I once had a roofer (friend) quote me a roof and then when done tried to charge about twice what his estimate was. We talked it out and ended up a little above his original price. I rarely beat a contractor up on...
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    Water Pressure

    I have ran into this many times with smaller water supplies. As Doug said, a 2inch line at 58 psi should be more than adequate. I think there is something else going on. Do you have a pressure gauge on both sides of back flow preventor? Start there. Check pressure on outlet side of back...
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    Installing a new IBA

    If you plan to get into the friction business you will have to change your philosophy. If you think that machine is "scratching the hell outta the car" you may want to reconsider as I promise your customers will agree with you.
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    How many guys have 2 IBA's?

    Belanger Freestyler can wash a dually