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    Windshield crack

    You just need to learn how to properly educate customers when this sort of thing happens. It’s simple science once you locate the origin of the crack. It’s also a good (yet tedious) habit to point out any noticeable chips to ensure the customer is aware in advance.
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    Loud Bang Belanger DuraTrans

    We had this issue recently and needed to replace the entire roller up cartridge assembly. It only got louder and more frequent to the point where it was actually just sending rollers up when they were not being called for.
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    Belanger quickfire wrap not following

    When they are dialed in, the quickfires are solid. I've noticed when one component goes out or starts acting up, it can cause so many problems with other aspects of those quickfire wraps. I've got a small oil leak in the air/oil system that keeps changing the arm swing pressure on me so I'm...
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    New tunnel wash on well and septic system

    Is there an update here? I’m very curious to know the outcome, notably how smelly was your operation? Even our conventional underbody and prep reclaim system stinks, can’t imagine what a complete no discharge system would smell like.
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    Stainless Steel Frame Care

    you sure it’s SS and not aluminum?Steel wool does wonders on grime and buildup on aluminum framing. as others mention, more than likely it’s water scale buildup among other things, but you need to tackle the buildup with a proper chemical to help with any manual scrubbing. Work on small...
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    Belanger quickfire wrap not following

    Does the wrap properly hit the front of the vehicle first before swinging out then coming back down the rail? I’ve noticed that my Quickfire wraps only properly follow after correctly hitting the front. if the above doesn’t apply, have you checked the arm that triggers the switch on the head to...