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    A new level of dumb

    We had the same - a bloke has come into the wash, washed his car, vacuumed his car, then went around and tagged all of the fences and left. Needless to say, the police soon caught up with him with the camera footage and he was forced to pay back the damages and cleaning labour.
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    EW not giving change

    How did you go with this Simone? Mine occasionally doesn't give change. Could do it twice in a day, or twice in a month... very intermittent.
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    Turbo nozzles from hydra spray damage

    I run mine at 700 - 750PSI... never had an issue. I was previously running 800 - 850 and I took some paint off the bottom of a door.
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    Entry Wizard problem

    Turns out it has come back... It did run for a week with no issues however. Am still trying to sort it out. I have communication between the black box and CPU, entering a wash will activate the correct relays, however the gantry sometimes will not register a wash. I think I need to check if the...
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    Entry Wizard problem

    Fixed it! Only took me 6 hours.... I replaced the +/- cable from the green plug on the CPU to the Communication +/- plugs on the black box and it seems to be working well today. Obviously a break in the wire or something.
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    Entry Wizard problem

    Hi, Got an issue with Entry Wizard 2.0 (running 3.0 SW) on a WW2. Put money, or code, or C/C in and it registers on the entry wizard but won't activate a wash in the bay. If I follow through with another payment/code, it will queue another wash inline and say "please wait for car in bay", but...