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    Pipe Tape Vs Pipe Dope

    1/4" - 1" = tape only less than 1/4" = dope only (tape is awkward) larger than 1" = tape + dope pvc fittings = tape + dope and finger tight to prevent stress anything that will be inconvenient to service gets tape + dope
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    Colored Tokens

    The nickel plated ones seem to mostly keep a shinier finish than brass but when they do get corroded from water it is worse looking than brass and we have to cull them. We started seeing some ugly ones within about 3mos of first use. Not sure yet if some are just defective or its normal for...
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    LED for backlit signs

    we used Joslin sign in Nashville. 4 x 96" with power supplies was about $1k.
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    LED for backlit signs

    we used these. very happy with them.