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    Who’s installing Ceramic Coatings?

    Do you have a link who sells this ?
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    MCWW Dry-N-Shine Self Cleaning

    Self cleaning, make sense (y) I wonder what the delay has been as it looks like a awesome unit. Would also be nice to know how many feet is required in a tunnel for this to operate.
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    MCWW Dry-N-Shine Self Cleaning

    Wow look at the buffer !! Looks like a Mac Neil , side windows and top of car . Looks like 2 rows of spray jet, could be polish etc etc
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    MCWW Dry-N-Shine Self Cleaning

    Would anyone have a video of the MCWW Dry N Shine going through it's self cleaning process ? Can't seem to find anything on youtube. Does it do a good job at self cleaning ? I won't be offering wheel gloss at my wash but if there's silicone on the tires ( from pass washes elsewhere ) will it...