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    Reducing demand charges

    I worked for a billing software company 20 years ago & I’ve since kept up with billing trends. Solar and other things you add and change to reduce your utility cost (electrical, water/sewage, & trash) but did you know your may be entitled to getting money back on your utility charges. Going back...
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    Credit card processing

    Were you looking for a single desktop small terminal to just key in the amount of the sale and insert the credit card for payment? Some of them come with a online terminal where you can also key in the customers credit info for payment by computer of mobile phone making it easier to add...
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    SS, Laundromat with Reclaim

    Thank you for the correction.
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    Laundromat general questions

    How has your laundry business utilities cost been since you started, has your water/sewer & electricity cost gone up over the years in your area?
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    SS, Laundromat with Reclaim

    Will you encounter more issues with using reclaimed water for a laundry mat. like lint, detergent residue on cloths, & customers may get skin rash clothing they wear being washed in reclaimed water?
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    Water / Sewer Spike! WOW!!!

    I've heard of that before when it comes to reading your cost. What some utility providers also do is assess charges that were passed legislatively or done so by internal analysis. The business maybe unaware of these cost, but it usually flush into a tax or usage for water/sewage, electricity &...
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    Water / Sewer Spike! WOW!!!

    Your municipality may have added charges to your water cost or your meter may be the issue, sometimes cost increase may be added to your utility, you may not be aware of and implemented without knowing. Where are you located? We’ve had Carwash wash business recoup/save $7k to $14k from utility...
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    Utility cost

    Allot of Carwash business are using recycled water systems to become more green and save on water use. With all the new innovations from lighting to water systems to help businesses cut down on operating cost, but how much has these changes help with your electrical, water & sewage rates with...
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    EMV Credit Card compliance by April 2021

    EMV compliant is important, if a customer disputes a charge and you were not EMV compliment, a fine of up to $1000 plus the chargeback fee, and amount the transaction will be pulled or billed to your account. I have a good processor who keeps emv compliment with POS terminals and good rates and...